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Progressive Africa: Siya So - Kampala Art Beinnale 2014

My interview with Uganda TV - Photo by Lauren

Last week I travelled to Kampala, Uganda to represent Zimbabwe in an Africa wide art exhibition titled, The Kampala Art Biennale. The biennale which was launched on Friday 1st August 2014 “is a showcase of contemporary art from Africa with the goal to expose, educate and create debate about the value of art in society.” 
Whist over in Kampala at the opening of the exhibition I was interviewed by Uganda TV and asked to comment about my work, the theme of the exhibition which is "Progressive Africa" and about working as an artist in Africa and the role of female artists in Africa. I said said that, “Women in Art start at a disadvantage where we are not considered to be an indigenous player as the art world is very masculine. At the same time we have a rare opportunity to make ourselves heard and calve a place for ourselves in these spaces if we are committed to our craft, not distracted by those who do not pay us regard and if we uplift each other and motivate and encourage each other as women to progress.”

My submission: Siya So

My submission to the biennale is a series of images titled: “Siya So”
Siya So is an informal trade market place made out of makeshift structures in an area called Mbare in Harare, Zimbabwe where grassroots entrepreneurs are creating employment for themselves in an economic environment where there is approximately 80% unemployment. These tradesmen and women pride themselves in the reputation that there is nothing they cannot make or fix. They not only have created employment for themselves but they employ and train apprentices and some even train their wives who come along and help them to maximize the income for the family.

Exhibited Images (Artwork) below:

Title: Tiri Tese
Title: Navo Vakadzi

 My Sponsors

A huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Hivos and The Cultured Fund who enabled me to travel via their Artist Mobility Fund.

A huge thank you also to an little known yet awesome organisation who gave me their assistance and support called Women in Management, Business and Development Trust [WIMBD]. Its ‘a local NGO that supports women and enables them to fulfil their dreams.’

About the Exhibition (if you will be in Kampala in August)

The venues for the biennale are; Uganda Museum, Nommo Gallery and Makerere Art Gallery where 100 artworks including paintings and photographs from 45 artists from 13 African countries working under the theme Progressive Africa are being exhibited. 

The other selected artists from Zimbabwe are Tashinga Matindike Gondo, Danisile Ncube and Nick Monro. The Kampala Art Biennale will continue until the 31st of August 2014.

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