Monday, 14 May 2012

INONZI MEMORY: Inonzi Playtime @ HIFA 2012

HIFA 2012 ' A show of Spirit occurred in May this year and it was quite literally seven days of action packed artistic expression of every kind!  Zimbo Jam was the official online media partner for HIFA and as Inonzi Memory is the photographic content supplier for and we were out there in full force capturing all the happenings of the festival. Over the next few weeks as a attempt to go through and catalogue the images from the the festival I will be sharing some with you here so keep a look out for all sorts of fun fair, beautiful artistic expression and the people of Harare having a good time interpreted through my lens!

While at HIFA my partner and I managed to find time to play too! 

Me taking a picture of myself and Fungai Tichawagana my partner as we looked at some creatively designed mirrors at the craft market at HIFA.

Battle of the photographer; who will take a better pic of us in the mirror! Lol!
This mirror is surrounded by recycled paper rolled up into tubes, a really interesting way to frame the mirror we thought.

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