Sunday, 11 March 2012

Introducing Inonzi Memory


 Hello folks!
It has been an absolute age since I last posted and I am pleased to report that its with good reason! Many of you are familiar with the E:thos brand which is my 'artistic name' by which I have been taking under while taking pictures since I started off on this journey o discovery that is becoming a 'photographer proper'. 

 Since moving to Southern Africa I have spent a lot of time building the brand locally on the ground to match the awesome support and following it has online so 2011 was all about building (networking and establishing links).  In this journey I met an awesome photographer whose brand name is fungaifoto and we clicked instantly! We have complementing styles so we thought that we should band together and out of our union Inonzi Memory was born.

Inonzi is a word from the Shona language of a Zimbabwean tribe by the same name. Inonzi means 'it is called' and so we named our combined effort 'Its called memory' because photography's primary purpose we believe is to record events in a way that will tell stories that emulate or re-create memories that individuals / groups / families hold dear to their hearts - hence the name INONZI MEMORY.

So this is what has been keeping me ever so busy and thats why you have not heard much from me on Passion in the Moments however now that Inonzi Memory is in full swing I will be dropping in more and more until normality is restored! 

Please do go over to Inonzi's online spaces and support it as it is an amazing initiative giving you all you love about Passion in the Moments and so much more from the diversity and growing number of other African / African based artists.


Find Inonzi Memory online here:

Tel: (+263) 778284223
Add: 336 herbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe


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