Monday, 16 January 2012

Land Rover & Zimbabwe have one thing in common: They never quit!

On a recent visit to Mutoko in Zimbabwe I came across this man and his beloved Land Rover. His car is at best slightly younger than Zimbabwe itself and as time has passed through wear and tear it has undergone various modifications to keep it running and reliable on its owners farm. There are no words that can describe the above mentioned modifications than the images themselves. Some would call them sheer genius when considering the alternative large price tag of a new land rover in Zimbabwe's adverse economic climate ; others however (like myself) will be shocked and outraged at the huge health and safety risks the modifications pose. Either way no one can deny that he has made the best out of an otherwise dire situation.

The man and  his pride and joy!

Modified fuel pump

Wear and tear as time has gone by

Starter motor modified (If you are always losing your keys with this car no need for a key!)
To be fair all in all the car is in pretty good shape! I think Land Rover should find this man  and
shake his hand for proving that their cars are nothing short of resilient regardless of age or owner!

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