Sunday, 11 September 2011

Harare Cityscape - Harare, Zimbabwe

I was born in Harare on the 11th June, 1981 to a Malawian father and a Zimbabwean mother. I grew up in this city and did not live anywhere else until I was 18. After an 11 year absence living abroad I have returned to live in Harare once again, though time and space has greatly altered us. From the 13th Floor of Joina City last week I looked out over my city of birth and for a moment we both went back to a time before now and in that moment we reconnected and I really felt like I was home...

The images in this collection entitle, 'Harare...City of Hope' were taken in that moment... I hope you will fall in love with Harare through them as I did all over again last week. 


The Weekend in Black & White: RuTendo DeNise

Miss RuTendo DeNise...Poetess / Spoken word artist
 performing at Zimbabwe Fashion Week closing ceremony



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