Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Historical Zimbabwean Figure Mbuya Nehanda's Tree Falls Down

'Nehanda tree' no more

The 'Nehanda tree' fell into the main street Josiah Tongogara in Harare blocking it off all day (07/12/20111)

Road construction workers near the site suggested the 'Nehanda tree' had been struck by lightening

It is said that 'Nehanda tree' is not the real site of her execution

The story goes that Mbuya Nehanda was a spirit medium back in 1896 who was hanged by Rhodesian settlers on 'this' tree situated in the middle of the main street called Josaih Tongogara in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is said to have been hung for the murder of the police Commissioner of the day for... [read the full story here.]

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