Sunday, 27 March 2011

E:thos supports charity fundraiser

Sunset over Ekwendeni, Malawi

E:thos donated the following images to raise money for the Rotary Foundation at a charity dinner held in Harare, Zimbabwe on 26th March 211 and raised US$610 in auction bids.

E:thos...supporting the work of the Rotary Foundation

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Theatre in the Park presents 365

Title: 365
Genre: Dramatic Play
Written by:  Stephen Chifunyise
Directed by: Patience Gamuchirai Tawengwa
Produced by: Daves Guzha, Rooftop Promotions
Cast: Rumbidzai Karize, Charity Dlodlo , Evangelista Mwatse, Sebastian Maramba and Tinashe Chirisa.
Showing Dates: 7th - 26th March 2011 (Tuesday - Saturday 5pm)

The story is set in a family that is shrouded in violence and abuse at the hands of its head, Amos. Amos is a troubled man with very traditional views of the role of men and women, views he imposes on his children, Janet and Farai by the force of violence.  Amos’s wife,  Amai Janet is a timid character for the most part with bursts of defiance when challenging her husband about his affair, which is to her detriment. She stands by her husband in his approach to parenting though this appears more out of fear and tradition than agreement. Her sister tries to help her by advising of all the legal and other routes she could take to stop violence in her home. Amai Janet however, appears more concerned about maintaining status quo and appearances than she is about stopping her husband’s abusive behaviour. In the final scenes, Amos’s sister attends the family home to confront her brother in front of his family about his affair with a woman named Linda. Amos is angered by this and Amai Janet rises up to defend her husband though saddened at the revelation that her children have been aware and exposed to the violence in the home.

Chifunyise has provided us with a humorous yet sobering story of domestic violence and abuse in a way that engages the audience and delivers a strong message. Tawengwa picks up the baton and directs an excellent cast bringing the script to life in a way that all parties can be proud of. The key elements of the production that make this play relevant are the scenes where violence is applied with little or no provocation, showing that one does not have to do anything to be violated by abusive behaviour and  the scene where Amai Janet’s sister advises her of the different ways she can seek and get help, all avenues actually available in Zimbabwe. This play is not just entertaining but it is also deliberately educational in content and style with a Q & A session directly after the production which sparked interesting conversation about the issues. Overall the play does exactly what it says on the tin; aptly titled 365 in line with the government’s declaration that domestic violence and abuse should be kept on the table of discussion and action 365 days of the year. 


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