Sunday, 26 September 2010

Child Hunger

What is it you throw away / waste that could save a life somewhere in our world today?

Bird feeding in the United Kingdom
While children starve around the world...

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The Round Robin Challenge: Togetherness is what you make it...
Togetherness...unto death...
'Together' means to be in or into a unified arrangement.Togetherness means being in or into a single group, mass or place...Therefore my interpretation of this weeks challenge is of a pluralised subject matter that is in unison in whatever they are trying yo achieve, in this case they two are as one, in one place...

The two chaps in the image are friends from church after a theatrical display in which the older played a vicar. I asked them to pose in this manner to create a controversial shot that would provoke thought. The thought being that togetherness does not result in agreement or unity.

It is also designed to be a pictorial representation of what happens to a child's life (that is, it is sucked out of them unto the death of their souls) when it is abused by an authority figure, in this case a priest as the many whose lives have been destroyed by the abuse they suffered at the hands of catholic priests who are now seeking understanding and finding their voice. 

Love, togetherness, unity, oneness...these words can and are interpreted in different ways by different people depending on their personal perspective, group, social situation and often race, creed and gender. This social dynamic results in a false sense of oneness / togetherness where the reality is very much different from what is perceived.


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