Friday, 24 September 2010

Where I am from

I am from billowing smoke and thatched roofing, from the wild and open terrain that breathes of earth, water and sun. From mazowe orange, chambo fish things and crunchies. From braai's and kitchen parties, chombe, tanganda or nescafe with popcorn 
whilst watching Carson's Law.
I am from the things never thrown away almost clutter but not quite, charcol and wood fires and porcelain vases. From white walls, brick and mortar with big back gardens, pets and swimming pools.
I am from the the mukuvisi woodlands and Zambezi River, the safari reserves, wild game and Lake Malawi.
I am from family summers in the village and rainbow trout on Christmas day. From mangoes, sugar cane and maze on the cob.
I am from from the Sato totem and a little Shumba.  From Kajawa and Enoch giants in my eyes and love & happiness, the place I call home.
I am from the emotionally volatile and passionate loving. From silence and many words all wrapped up in one. 
From step, half, semi and full and from a heritage stretching back as far as the Zulu's of old.
I am from the promised land, the descendant of Abraham. Homeward bound to eternity in Christ.
I am from Mbuya Nehanda, Mutoko and Samuel Jere Village near Ekwendeni. From sadza, sweet potatoes and and avocado trees.
From the struggles for liberation and out-spokeness that send bombs in letters designed to inspire fear; 
And from the strength of character that says no to violence tyranny and intimidation that is Vanani.
From the tenacity and dedication and creative drive that is Nyepudzai... strength thy name is mother.
I am from the file that V.S keeps of my every action, attempt, achievement and victory. From the hallway where my graduation photo stands with proud mum and dad on either side of me smiling.
From No. 47 where sixteen years of joy, love and happiness, laughter and experience was shared. 
 From Nyanga and Kadoma Ranch to Cape Town, Mauritius holidays and pig farming in Ruwa. 
From Rotary dinners and tree planting to feeding the poor on Boxing Day.


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