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Rue's Friday Fragments @ Half Past Kissing Time...

I have just discovered this really great posting group hosted by the lovely Mrs 4444 at Half Past Kissing Time called Friday Fragments. Essentially it is an opportunity to share tid-bits, rants and observations that I have made in the week. Not to mention that odd picture I have taken that doesn't fit in anywhere, and put them all together in one post on Friday (yes I know I am doing this on Saturday but like I said I just came across it!) So here goes...

Issue No. 1 -Rue's Top 10 Friday Fragments...

10. Random Image:
What? I thought the logs were interesting! :-)
9. Men who are beaten by their wives!
I read this rant on a blog I follow called 3 Men on a Boat where it was identified that men in Zimbabwe were increasingly becoming the victim of domestic violence which honestly surprised me! Being a woman who is acutely aware that the reverse happens in a far greater magnitude it is almost forgiveable if I cheered on these 'husband beaters'. I am however of the school of thought that one ought not to fight fire with fire and therefore I cannot condone violence regardless of the victim, all abuse is wrong and should be exposed as such!

8.Doctors out of hours service...or not! as the case may be...
I was as sick as a dog particularly on Thursday night and as one does I called my doctors out of hours service. Now I am not one to make a fuss and if I didn't think i could be dying or worse living with extreme pain! I wouldn't bother anyone, so me calling them was a big deal! Well as it happens I didn't bother them at all! I call at midnight and didn't get a call back until 1am ironically just as I was about to fall asleep only to be told to go to sleep! and call the doctor in the morning!!!!!!! Arrrgghhh to say the least, so -10/10 for service!

7.Vintage Clothing a must!
My friend Pam has got me hooked on Vintage clothing and I recently got this fabulous T-shirt with a plump but very hot lady on it indulging on all her favourite things from food to spa like treatments! I thought yes, this was made for me so I picked it up and went to the till and you wouldn't believe it was discounted from £14 to £3! Yaaaaay!!!!! Go Vintage!!!! Lol!

6. Nasty Neighbours!
When I moved into my flat I was warned by my landlord that the people across the street had displayed racist behaviour and attitudes to a young Indian couple who had lived here before me. I am one tough cooking who is clued up on my rights and not easily rattled so i figured i could take them if push came to shove. I have been here over a month and they have been pleasant enough to me so I assumed that it was just an issue between neighbours. Well I had an Indian girlfriend come over for lunch this week and I popped to the shop just before she arrived so she had to wait for 5 minutes. In that short time the neighbours had come out and started attacking my friend! What the heck is that about!?!?! Needless to say as I arrived they dispersed and smiled at me!!!!! I could't believe it when she told me...not happy at all! How small minded is that!?!?! unbelievable!!!! I think there should be a prision term for people who insist on being ignorant in countries like the UK that are so multicutlutal and most informed of all societies around the world.

5. Anniversary of 911
Image courtesy of the internet
You would need to be living under a rock to not have heard of the preacher int he States threatening to burn the Koran today if a Muslim prayer room / mosque is built near ground zero. This story disturbed me, not because he is threatening to do it and not because of the location of the mosque but because neither of these are the real issue, particularly this day. Today should be about us as a world taking stock on what causes acts like that, what we have so much hate in the world and what can be done to make a genuine change not just stop a mosque being built. We need to be spreading the gospel of truth and light that Jesus is and giving people an opportunity to turn from hate and turn to God. Not squabbling over real estate which wont change anything but may cause those who need little reason to take their own lives to spite others to action. As a Christian I am saddened by this preachers approach because he ill represents my faith and make Christians seem as hateful as the people who caused this atrocious act.

4. Baby fever! 
My sister has just had her first baby! A boy!!!! I am soooo excited about it! and am heading off to meet my nephew for the first time!!! Yaaay!!!!! Pictures to follow....
'Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.' (Psalms 127:3-5 ESV)

3. Jesus want to be your friend on Facebook
Image courtesy of the internet
I saw this image above on Facebook and was in two minds about what I thought of it. On the one hand that picture is not actually Jesus! But I honestly feel that in today's global community online, evangelism has to be more flexible and interactive. Churches do need to become technologically and social networking friendly to reach a whole generation whose lives are based online in social media networks. Its not a 'taking the mic' image and the words are convicting so I give it my rubber stamp / green light and yes I accepted Him! :-)

2. Facebook parenting!
You may be as shocked as I was when I saw a friend updating her status on Facebook with a rant about her daughters behaviour. You may think no Rue, we are not shocked by that, well you will be when I say that said friend went on to write on her daughter wall that she was grounded! No computer, no friends no nothing! Then her daughter came online and responded to this post by telling her mother where to go! and she went on to be online for 2hrs after that!!!!! Whatever happened to the rod of correction and actually confiscating the computers/phone whatever and actually meaning what you say and not just threatening your child? Not to mention showing the world that you have no control over said child! I give up!

1. Woman watching her rape on a mobile phone!
You wont believe this but a BBC news report I watched this week showed a woman who was given spiked drinks by people she knows then they proceeded to rape her, record it on a mobile phone and when she came round from the drugs showed her the clip!!!!!! Oh my days! Who does that!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! I was so shocked and disgusted I couldn't believe that this is the world we are living in! Worse yet they tried to get her to believe she had some how consented or been a party to this  to the point she almost felt she couldn't report these men to the police! WOMEN RAPE AND ABUSE OF ANY KIND IS NEVER YOUR FAULT!!!! DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE IT IS BECAUSE IT IS NOT!

That's it, my top 10 for this week! All that is left to say is please please vote for Passion in the Moments for the people's choice awards at coolphotoblogs. All you have to do is follow the link below:

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