Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge [Dartford River Crossing]

I had the opportunity to cross the River Thames at the Dartford Crossing into London and when doing so I was able to capture the images in this post. I absolutely love bridges from an architectural and design point of view and therefore it was a wonderful opportunity to capture it from the point of experiencing using it. These images were taken whilst on and using the bridge which makes the images that much more special as there was only one chance to take each shot. 
The Dartford - Thurrock River CrossingDartford River Crossing (DRC) (or simply the Dartford Crossing) is a major road crossing of the River Thames in England, connecting Dartford in the south to Thurrock in the north, via two road tunnels and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. It opened in stages, the west tunnel in 1963, the east tunnel in 1980, and the bridge in 1991. Until the opening of the bridge, built to the east of the two tunnels, the crossing was known as the Dartford Tunnel.

I also like how bridges connect two places that would otherwise not be connected without them. It reminds me of how Christ is the bridge between man and God, the path that joins us with our Creator and that brings us from a point of darkness in sin to light in salvation. I have used this concept in the majority of the images that have areas of complete darkness and light from the sun representing the Son of God. 

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves: Miss Pam

In 2002 when I was reading Law in Bristol, I met a girl named Pam. I was in a computer lab probably doing research or emailing and this girl walks in and sits next to me. She started talking to me and asking me questions; where I was from, my name etc. Well it turned out that she, like myself, was from Zimbabwe. She was educated in the same city as I was, we were the same age and knew a lot of the same people. The story gets better! We had actually been to the same school dances and functions at the same time yet had not met until 3years after high school in Bristol, United Kingdom! Crazy I know, we became instant friends! And now we laugh and joke about the good old days even though we didn't exactly experience them together, it is really great. 

Furthermore, when I met Pam, I was at a place in my life where I had lost my way and was living a day at a time, I had not been in church for a few years and needed some direction. Don't get me wrong, the life plan was more or less on schedule, I was in Law School, well adjusted due to my parents excellent parenting skills but still there was something missing, que Pam. Pam had been a committed Christian for sometime before that day we met and I learned later that she approached me with the intention of sharing her faith with me.After a couple of conversations / meetings Pam invited me to church and I haven't looked back since. Sometimes all it takes for someone to realise their need for Christ is the kindness of a stranger or the gentle leading of a friend. It is after all through relationships and random acts of kindness that the gospel is spread and people are saved and established in their faith. 

Aside from the shared history we have since become really good friends and now have joint memories we both were in together eight years on which is wonderful! Today I celebrate her as its her birthday!!!! I wont tell you her age but I will tell you that this is no ordinary birthday but the very last birthday of her twenties :-) So as I have had the pleasure of watching her develop from an almost tomboyish jeans wearing and slightly odd girl into a beautiful, very successful, professional and incredible outgoing, fun and very well dressed lady. So on this very special day I want to give a special shout out to my lovely sister and friend, Miss Pam.

To join me in celebrating this beautiful lady, share your faith with someone, engage in a random act of kindness, befriend someone and show them some love and remember, be yourself, there is nothing more off putting than a bible basher or someone who seems to be in your life because they have an agenda. Like Pam just put yourself out there, find someone you can share and be available...there are a lot of lost or hurting people out there...Be the difference for them as Pam was for me! 


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