Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Passion in the Moments Spent at Home...

Every moment is precious...
 'A body is where your soul lives, a house is where your body lives...home is where your heart lives...'

Over the years home has become a plural place for me as I have travelled the world and met many wonderful people and shared a part of myself with them.  In some of these relationships I left a little piece of my heart with them as I moved along through life, becoming a better person with each connection and learning a lot about love along the way... There have also been connections where I have left great big chunks of my heart...Places where love dwelt most passionately and was so full of happiness... I have learned particularly in recent months that home is always home, no matter where you take yourself in the physical, your heart has a life of its own...It is to the familiar places, the 'homely' places, where we feel most alive and most ourselves that the heart seeks out. Quite often without rhyme or reason beyond that, being in that place / connection is where it feels most itself and most loved and most able to reciprocate that love... 

I don't pose as an authority on life, love or laundry, but I can share what I do know, have experienced and learned along life's journey thus far... Time is a depleting commodity that we trade in constantly, sometimes we neglect it, sometimes we take it for granted that it will always be there, that we will always have a chance to say what we meant to say, or do the right thing or tell someone we love them...Sometimes time slips through our fingers and a window of opportunity once taken for granted  disappear before our very eyes. Time is not something to be assumed or expected but to be received with a grateful heart especially when it comes to the time we have with those we love the most...those love connections that become the home(s) of our hearts.

 I have never made a love connection with anyone that has ever been broken. I believe that it is these connections that make us stronger, wiser, givers, more selfless than selfish and aspire to be better versions of ourselves. The people we forge such relationships with and are vulnerable with and with whom we share our most intimate fears, failures and dreams are those who help us overcome, regroup and fulfil our destiny. It is therefore important to tread carefully and be sure of the people in whom you are letting your hearts become 'at home' with... Not all will be wise council or good help in your lowest and darkest hour, not all will give you the love & happiness that you seek / need / desire... I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to have experienced in my lifetime,  through these love connections; a love that was given unreservedly, deeply and passionately by a wonderful guy, guided and strengthened me in love by the best parents ever! Constantly provided a shoulder in my wonderful best friend, gave a love that brought about the protection of  a watchful eye and wisdom in my favourite uncle, , wise council and love from my pastor, protection and nurturing from a loving family, caring and encouragement from my lovely and loving girly girlfriends & man friends, lovingly nurtured by my church family and touched by kind strangers who manage to share love with me spontaneously along the way...

Taking stock I realise that as much as i have given and shared out my heart in love of others, many have given and shared out their hearts with me...So this is more a reflection on how time cant be allowed to steal away and rob us of those passionate moments of 'love connecting' and sharing that as relational people we need. Every moment is precious because we don't know how much time we have left to love and be loved in the multitude of places we call home...

I wish you all the 'Love & Happiness' kinda love that I have been blessed to find!

rue x

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