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Scenes from The River Kennet and canal

I now live in a village called Mortimer in the Berkshire countryside, (South of England) hence the images of fields, cattle, horses and chickens lately.... Not far down the road is the village of Ufton Nervet  which is set in the hills above and to the south of the River Kennet. Now the River Kennet is beautiful! I had such a good time capturing it from the canal near Ufton Nervet. The canal had an array of boats and gushing water which looked almost poetic as it moved along I love the country and love being near water and the woods so this was a real treat for me! All in all it was a breathtaking sight, lovely morning and here are a few of the images that resulted...enjoy!

Tickled Pink!

Hi All My name is Rudo (aka Ethos) and on behalf of Passion in the Moments (Ethos Photographic) would  like to lend our support towards the organisations and groups fighting breast cancer and raising awareness as well as carrying out research and early detection programs. This is such an important issue that needs all of our attention both women and men as there are many men and children affected when their wives, mothers, daughters, sisters become unwell. Find a local campaign or awareness group near where you live and lend your support to them!

This post was inspired by a fabulous couple that are the brains behind SymsnPams Couture a rising fashion power house for those of us who love vintage, original pieces and want to develop our own individual style that suits our figures and boosts our confidence! They are supporting cancer research and have called for all their subscribers to wear pick and take a picture to post on their Facebook wall in support of the fight against breast cancer. So SymsnPam, here is my little 'tickled pink' photo shoot for you! 
Visit their site by clicking here.

My tickled pink photo shoot in
support of Breast caner awareness & research

My first experience or exposure rather to breast cancer was when I was 17 or 18 and my high school sweetheart's mum and gran had it. Both became unwell at one time and being on the outside looking in it was hard being sick and also really hard on the family. He was always so worried and I remember praying for them and him, that they would get the all clear and that he would get through exams with the weight of worry he was carrying. As a result I have always supported all things breast cancer awareness, research and treatment related, knowing the effects that up close and personal changed my whole view and has definitely made me more 'breast aware' in relation to looking out for the signs by doing the necessary checks as well as supporting the cause through giving! 
Completely tickled pink!!!!
A great online resource / community for breast cancer awareness is a group called 'My Layla Project' which has a wealth  of online resources and people you can talk to about the issue, do go to their facebook page and  find out more as well as support them by 'liking' their page!

A bit about My Layla Project from their team - 

My Layla Project was created to spread Awareness for Breast Cancer, to educate communities on what they can do to help the cause and to advocate for early detection and its benefits for the younger generation. The mission of the My layla Project is to empower and engage people around the world to support and fight for the battle against BREAST CANCER. To make people aware that it is not just a battle fought one month out of the year, but all year round especially for those people who currently have Breast Cancer, its an everyday battle until we find a cure. Supporting the fight is to help families all over the globe, to give them hope, to give them strength that some day we will win the war against Breast Cancer.

So our core aims are - 





Become a Fan of My Layla Project on Facebook (link0 -

Additional Information, facts & campaigns see the Cancer Research & Breast Cancer Care Websites -

Passion in the Moments Community

A passionate community deserves a place where their feelings, ideas, thoughts and creativity can be shared!  

I write a lot of things here, all from the heart and life experience or something that catches my attention and so far its been very much a one way street conversation. You all know or have an idea about what I think on a variety of subjects but we don't really get to thrash it out in discussion so I can glean from your hearts, experiences and wisdom. So I decided to start the Passion in the Moments Community to give you a voice! I would like to be able to engage my readers / fans / followers and critics in conversation about the topics I touch on here and share your experiences, questions, thoughts, ideas and maybe even a few funny stories!!! 

Image courtesy of the internet
So please do click on the link in the side menu on the right or at the bottom of this post and get involved in the conversation or start a discussion of your own! Lets make this a useful space where we can all walk away richer in mind and spirit from interacting with each other!!! - Passion in the Moments Community Link

Image courtesy of the internet


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