Thursday, 15 July 2010

Frock & Roll...a blast from the past!

The picture below shows an original National Cash Register Company machine created around 1884 alongside a modern credit card reader (the black one to the right, didn't really give it enough attention as it's so everyday when the cash register is a first for me!) In any case what a sight! One I never thought I would see in a shop in Reading in 2010).
I happened across a new vintage clothing store in Reading called Frock & Roll which specialises in ladies clothes and accessories. Instantly it cheered me up and I wondered in to have a quick look. My friend Pam is a vintage junkie and  has got me hooked on vintage too! As I type elaborate plans are being made for a 50's & 60's 'new' wardrobe for me at the end of my LoseUrself4Charity challenge in December so Frock & Roll turned up in good time! As I looked around squealing and gasping in awe of the beautiful designs to the lovely shop owners delight!  

As my eyes wondered around the room I saw the most amazing 'old skool' cash register (pictured here). I did a little digging and found that it was an original from the National Cash Register Company. The inventor of the first working version of a mechanical cash register was James Jacob Ritty of Dayton, Ohio. He later sold his patent and eventually the National Cash Register Company acquired it and developed the design to produce more sophisticated cash registers of the time like this one. 
The company is still operating and is now trading as the NRC Corporation which is a technology company specializing in products for the retail, financial, travel, healthcare, food service, entertainment, gaming and public sector industries. 

Now here is a little info about the fabulous new vintage store, Frock and Roll, Reading

"A new independent store that is passionate,  maybe even a little obsessed, about all things vintage.  We specialise in ladies clothing and accessories from 1950s through to the 1980s and our shop is packed full of hundreds of one-of-a-kind original vintage gems, all handpicked by us.
So, whether you want to glam up for a night out or just go about your everyday errands in style, drop by soon at Frock&Roll you're guaranteed to find a fabulous bargain that will leave your friends green with envy!"


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