Friday, 11 June 2010

29 and counting...

This is the record of my 29th Birthday.

It has been an interesting journey thus far, full of many cliff hangers and detours, disappointments and delights and the new discoveries... that change brings. 
In corresponding with one of my oldest and dearest friend's this week, I realised that though in many respects I have hardly altered with time, the road I have traveled has brought me to this very place today. A place where I stand a better woman, a better friend, a better daughter, not of my own accord but by the workings and fashioning of the Lord in me. 
Though the waters of life have been strong and often choppy, there forever comes a peace in knowing my Redeemer lives! Fear is no longer my bedfellow as I arise a fearless daughter of The King with a blessed hope that carries me through all things.
Don't get me wrong I am far from perfect, my journey has not been without failure on my part. Oh yes i have stumbled and fallen many a time in the 28 years now gone by its true;
But no matter how far I fell, how lost I got, how hopeless it all seemed; He kept me... He has kept me...
I look back with understanding, 
look to the present with anticipation and 
look to the future with great hope
For His word and promises are 'yes and amen'
I know I will never be left or forsaken... 
When times are hard and struggle is upon me,
 I will not fear for He goes before me, be surrounds and comfort's me,
And brings a love, everlasting no one can measure... 
Thank you Jesus, for the 28 years behind me and,
 all you have in store for me in the years ahead...

So as I embark on my 30th year of life, what lessons do I carry forward?
1. Live passionately - It is the only way you know you are truly alive
2.Love unconditionally - Anything else isn't love at all!
3. Don't take yourself too seriously, laugh at yourself! - Its the best way to stay humble and keep relationships
4. Constantly re-evaluate yourself - You don't know who you really are until you look deep into a mirror and see whats staring back at you!
5. If you hit a brick wall in life, re-invent yourself! - There are no prizes for those who suffer through life because of fear! 
6. Procrastination is the thief of time; its architect is fear - You only get one shot at this life, don't be crippled by fear of change / new things, you're wasting time!
7. To thine own self be true - Living a lie is for losers and there are no trophies for needless sacrifice!
8. An apple a day DOES NOT keep the dentist away (or whatever the saying is), FLOSS! - Then when you're old you won't have so many fillings!!!! or worse dentures! Lol!
9. Be creative - Life would be boring otherwise! 
10. Above all else remember; JESUS is your best friend, keep Him closer than everyone else and your life will be a blast that you will enjoy and remember! :-)

Finally - When all is said and done and we pass from this life, all that will be left is the moments that become memories we created in the lives of others...If we spend our lives making those moments, passionate, honest & death there is no regret on our part and though we will be gone; we will never be the memory of those we leave behind.
Its my birthday!!!!! Lol!
 [clearly I have way too much time on my hands!]

Thank you all for the well wishes and presents! :-)
rue x


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