Sunday, 9 May 2010

A special day for a special lady...

May 10th is a really special day! My dear friend Elaine is celebrating another year of life, health and joy in Christ Jesus! She has been a rock for me through the years especially in my time in Bristol and I am truly blessed to count her as a friend! So on this very special day I want to take this opportunity to celebrate you Elaine! 
Happy Birthday!!!!!!

These are Elaine's beautiful children! So easy to photograph because they are so lovely...must take after their mum! :-) 

Things I saw the day I went out...

I have some great pictures I want to share with you all  from various days over the last year or so really but I have brought them together here because it seemed fitting as the images are more impressive than anything I could every write about their subjects... Here goes!

1. The red telephone booth
I came across a man painting red telephone booths in Kingston and stopped to take a picture (or 10!) as it all just looked amazing! Some History about the telephone... 'In the 1870s, two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell both independently designed devices that could transmit speech electrically (the telephone). Both men rushed their respective designs to the patent office within hours of each other, Alexander Graham Bell patented his telephone first.' []
 2. Wandsworth Prison
Following my recent prison visit, I could not pass Wandsworth Prison without taking a picture of it (externally of course!). Wandsworth Prison was opened in 1851. The prison was built according to the ‘Panopticon' model, allowing supervision of the wings from the centre. Around the prison there are lawns, flowerbeds, trees and benches. There are also planters, hanging baskets and window boxes, maintained by prisoner parties who gain useful qualifications from their gardening work. In 2006-7 HMP Wandsworth was judged Best Community Garden and in 2008-9 won the Best Blooming Public Building in the Wandsworth in Bloom competition. It has also been awarded prizes by the Conservation Foundation for the garden in front of the administration block and the hospital garden. []

3. Morris Moinor 1000
The Morris Minor was a British motor car aimed at the family market. It was the work of a team led by Alec Issigonis, who would go on to design (and be knighted for) the successful Mini. The Minor was launched at the Earls Court Motor Show, London, on 20 September 1948. The prototype had been known as the Morris Mosquito, and some later models were called Morris Minor 1000. It should not be confused with the earlier Morris Minor of 1928. At launch there were two variants, the standard 2-door saloon, and the tourer (convertible). The 4-door saloon was introduced in 1950. The wood-framedestate called the Traveller, plus a panel van and a pick-up truck version were introduced later with the Series II upgrades in 1952. The Traveller was very popular, and remained in production until 1971; a year after the saloon had been discontinued. []
4. An old Catholic Nunnery

 St. David's is the most beautiful location in Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom. It has been converted into a nursing home for the retired and in need of support and it is really very beautiful! There is a chapel there there that is just breath taking and I so want to get married there! But alas...I am not catholic and they don't really open to the public...such a shame but I can dream... :-) []

I wonder where my camera will take me next...


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