Monday, 26 April 2010

April 23rd

Uncle John is a lovely English Gentleman that has been a dear friend to my family long before I was born! He and his lovely wife took my mum under their wing when she first moved to England to study (when she was not too much younger than I am now; that is early 20's). They were there through most of her major life experiences and a few drama's and were like surrogate parents to her. When they didn't have to, they loved her and now I have the privilege of knowing Uncle John personally and experience that love (unfortunately his lovely wife passed away...).   So anyway Uncle John shares his birthday with a few other people / things and therefore this is a celebration of the date and all that is marked by it as well as the lovely man himself.

On this April 23rd uncle John turned 88! (Two fat ladies in Bingo language! Lol :-) Its not every day you can say you are two fat ladies...Lol!) Anyway At 10am on Friday (April 23rd) Uncle John called me to say he wanted to share his birthday with me (I was asleep at the time!) and boy did he get my attention! I quickly reprimanded him for not telling me sooner to which in true uncle John fashion he said he didn't want to make a fuss! So i made him a card (above) incorporating St. George and William Shakespeare because he mentioned them when he called, and sent it to him. I then jumped out of bed, sorted myself out and went down to Tesco (Sandhurst)to pick up a cake on the way to Uncle John's to surprise him. Whilst at Tesco I met this lovely lady called Sue at the customer services desk and she helped me find a flag and get my face painted! (which i was sure would amuse uncle John!) 

I then went over to Uncle John, cake in tow and he was completely surprised! 

So all in all it was a really great day and Uncle John was so happy ... a truly priceless moment that inspires passion and is what life is all about! :-)

So what else happened on April 23rd?
St. Georges Day
St George is the patron saint of England (Ireland, Wales and Scotland have their own too) and he is celebrated today (April 23rd) because he was thought to have died on this day in 303 AD 
England Day

St. George's Day is also used as a day for the English to celebrate themselves...a kind of non-official  English National Day. England is unusual in that it has no national day, no public holiday to celebrate the nation, therefore the English tend to use this day to fly their flag and celebrate who they are as a people.

William Shakespeare's Birthday

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (1564—1616), English poet, player and playwright, was baptized in the parish church of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire on the 26th of April. Birth 1564. The exact date of his birth is not known. 18th-century antiquaries, William Oldys and Joseph Greene, gave it as April 23. April 23 was the day of Shakespeare’s death in 1616.

There you go, a great date all round! 
Happy Birthday Uncle John!!!!!


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