Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Silently Denying Christ by Rudo Nyangulu

As my mouth opens a flood of silence proceeds;
My thoughts drowned out by the deafening stillness,
My determination wilts under the rays of shame emanating from my face;
My pupils dilate as the magnitude of the scene I am making
Sweat drop from my brow with a crash as they become acquainted with the ground;
Jump starting my mind which begins to compete with my heart like a 100 meter dash…

My mind wins as flashes of those final hours come to me;
The cat of nine tails plundering his flesh as it meets His back;
Blow by blow met His chin like old friends yet he recoiled not;
Rip…rip…resounded as they tore his beard from his face;
Crash… clank…was the sound of wood meeting the ground as He fell,
His eyes blood obscured as the thorns dug deeper seeking His skull;
Knock…clank went nail by nail as the fixed him to the cross… 

Like reawakening from a trance I come to myself almost in shock;
Mouth still open, silence still deafening, yet shame washed over me like a cold shower;
There I stood too proud to identify myself with He who suffered and died for me…
How could I not bellow from the roof tops, “I live because He died?”
How could I bare to stand silent when they take His name in vein?
How could I not eagerly sing of His love aloud in the streets?
How could I not be desperate to proclaim His gospel to the world?
How could I deny Him with my silence yet call Him my Lord?

Copyright (c) Rudo Nyangulu 2010. All rights reserved

Little bundle of joy...

‘Love is consciously given to some yet effortlessly attained by others almost without one knowing…children are one such beings who achieve the latter’. This is a little tribute to an incredibly special little lady called Praise who inspired this note and all its sentiments.

Love is defined here as a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship. [http://www.answers.com/topic/love]

Praise is my friend’s daughter, she was born about five or six weeks prematurely and I recall seeing the first pictures of her, so tiny, so pale with so many tubes coming in and out of  her, it was a sight that would break even the hardest of hearts and move the very coldest… She had to fight from the very beginning so brave yet so small…a true beacon of hope for all who wish to prove the evil insanity of abortion! Thank God, she developed well in the time she was incubated in hospital and she is perfect! (That is no long lasting health problems).

Premature birth is birth less than 37 weeks after conception. Infants born as early as 23 – 24 weeks may survive but many face lifelong disabilities (e.g., cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness). Premature infants account for 8 – 9% of live births but two-thirds of infant deaths. 40 – 50% of cases have no explanation; other cases can be attributed to such causes as maternal hypertension or diabetes, multiple pregnancy, or placental separation. With good care, about 85% of live-born premature infants should survive.

When Praise finally came out of hospital and I got to meet her and hold her for the first time, it was such a magical moment! She was so small and beautiful and amazingly uncomplaining for all she had been through and just like that in the first moment, she walked into my heart and ‘effortlessly attained’ my love.  There are few such moments like it when you involuntarily form a bond with another, not based on what you can gain or your responsibility to them, but simply because of whom they are… I think the purest form of this is with children because children are innocent, defenseless and unable to have ulterior motives so in turn, we let our guard down with them and it is easy to love them.

“Love is consciously given to some yet effortlessly attained by others almost without one knowing…children are one such beings who achieve the latter”– Rudo Nyangulu


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