Thursday, 11 March 2010

Getting ahead

Head start - An early start that confers an advantage.
How does one get a head start in life?

Putting / sticking your head above the parapet is to be brave enough to state an opinion that might upset people and stand by what you believe (especially when its not popular!)

I am very opinionated and as a result I often get myself into trouble for saying or doing unpopular things. I guess it all stems from the fact that everyone is different and therefore the way we view life is going to be different too.

There is a school of thought that, ‘If you keep your head down (that is below the parapet) and conform, maintaining the status quo and work hard, then you will eventually get ahead…maybe…maybe not!

There is another school of thought, that of ‘putting your head above the parapet’, maybe it will be blown off! Maybe you’ll get a head start!

I have spent most of my adult life working ‘within the system’. It didn’t really work well for me because if I saw something I didn’t think was right, I didn’t like or thought could be done better, I spoke up and 9 out of 10 times I got my head blown off!

So I started to ask myself, ‘is it me?’ You know, ‘if one person calls you a horse ignore it, if three do buy a saddle? Well I went all out got new horse shoes, bits, saddle, the works! But it didn’t change the fact that I saw things differently, all it did was label me different and state that different is wrong!   

Well, I have made a discovery! Different in the right setting is great! Thinking outside the box opens your mind to a whole new world of possibilities! And if you can come up with ‘different’ ways to do things in today’s fast passed, quickly changing world with a lust for the latest big thing; then you have a head start in your career!  And maybe you may find that the rat race is not for you and you could discover a whole new world where you can work for yourself, reinvent yourself, even find yourself…

So putting your head above the parapet may not be so bad after all (so long as you pick your battles well and have something good to say!)


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