Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Drama Queen

When I met this little lady (picture above) she took me waaaay back to a time when I too was a very terrible 2! (I know its hard to believe but I was :-)

I heard loads of stories about how I was a little, moody, foul mouthed monster!!! And when the cuteness wore off (around age 4) I reinvented myself as a brilliant story teller! If anyone crossed me by day when my parents were at work, I would burn the offense into my memory (having not as yet learnt the word 'forgiveness') and carry on happily with my day. The thing was, as soon as I heard my parents car pull up or even saw headlights at the gate, I would put on the greatest, most spectacular display of waterworks and wailing like somebody died! So by the time my parents entered the house I would be in a right state and the offender(s) would be in for certain discipline! :-) --This was very effective with a 100% success rate ;-)

As I have gotten older, the display is mostly dry and yet the drama is still second to none! :-)
I can tell a story like none other... the twists, the turns, the sudden death... my friends and family to this day call me the 'drama queen'. If there is a story to tell, that requires an audience to be gripped, hearts to skip beats and terror and cliff hangers to shock and awe... then I'm your story teller...and kinda proud of it! :-)

...still laughing out loud...

Laugh out loud


Wikipedia says that laughter is an audible expression or the appearance of happiness...

Jean Houston says that 'At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.'

Henry Ward Beecher says that 'Mirth is God's medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it!'

I am resolved to laugh out loud (and not just type lol) every day! It is indeed the best medicine for every situation, prescribed by the greatest physician and you do really feel better after a good old heart felt, belly twitching, eye watering, floor rolling laugh! :-)

This came to mind this morning when I received rather depressing mail in the post and I found myself at that all too familiar cross roads where the course of your life could be changed instantly forever by the decision you make to either cry (and let depression set in) or laugh (and give your cares to God). I decided that I am going to laugh my way through problems, trials, and sickness and laugh out loud! :-) That is how much power i am going to give to circumstances I cannot control - NONE!

The reality is that we would all be (and some of us secretly are) emotional basket cases if we allowed everything that happens to us and around us determine how we think and feel from day to day! Well I cant stop the mail coming and I cant control other people's actions and choices but I do have control over this one thing; do I laugh or cry through it? I choose the former and you know what? I'm, "taking back what they stole from me!" one outburst of laughter at a time :-)



I got up this morning and I was excited! No I didn't dream I won a million pounds or got the boy, no I just felt God watching over me and encouraging me not to give up or settle! Sounds weird I know but its true, in my heart there's a party going on and Jesus is the host!

So with my new found excitement I made a decision, I am going to do all those things that I used to talk about or dream about but never had the guts or ever thought I had the ability to do! I am going to make a difference! Help people! Lead them to Christ and meet their needs in any way I can! Write! Fulfil my potential to be an artist behind the lens of a camera and more importantly, banish the words 'cant' and 'regret' from my vocabulary!

So my resolve is this; I am going to swap every tear and frown for a smile and approach life with a child like innocence that says,


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