Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Weekend in Black and White: Separation of wealth

Those who have enter the golf club in their Range Rovers, BMW's and Mercedes.
Those who have not simply pass by unaware of such luxury.


  1. I know we are being invited to comment on the Separation of Wealth photo but I haven't been here before and it is the header which bowls me over.


  2. Lucy that is exactly how I feel! Keep an eye on Passion in the Moments over the next few weeks as I am currently doing a photo study on this very issue and there are more convincing images of how separated it really think we all occupy the same plant yet some scratch the earth looking for food and we throw away so much food daily...

  3. I find myself admiring this man. He's cut his reeds and packed them into a load he can manage to transport, and that's his complete focus for the moment. No doubt hell make this trip many times until he has the amount he needs. A thought-provoking photo.

  4. Love your banner shot!!! His eyes, and white, white beard tell a story all on their own...wonderfully composed and captured!



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