Friday, 3 December 2010

Six Word Fridays: Routine

Children at play...Ekwendeni, Malawi

The morning time has a routine...

We wake as the cock crows;
We clean house and feed chickens;
We fetch water from the well;
We boil the water and bathe;
We take porridge if its there;
We walk ten miles to school.

The afternoon time has a routine...

We walk ten miles from school;
We gather in the home compound;
We share a meal all together;
We fetch water and feed chickens;
We then play, yes we play!
From things thrown we make toys.

The evening time has a routine...

We come home from play tired;
We clean farming tools for mother;
We help cook, we eat together;
We have a treat today...meat;
We read books by candle light;
Mother cannot help... she cannot read.

The night time has a routine...

We prepare ourselves for bedtime now;
We wonder if father will come;
We think, we wish, we pray;
That there will be food tomorrow;
That father will bring school fees;
That he will not abuse mother...


  1. Wow, that's very intense. It points out how anything can be routine. And a reminder of how easy life here is. thank you

  2. Most of us cannot imagine wanting for the basic things in life. Thanks for linking this up, Rue.

  3. Ditto what 2bdancing said. I have a friend who is in Malawi right now, visiting family. Timely poem.

  4. This reminds me that routine doesn't necessarily mean something boring or comforting; anything can be a routine. Stopping by from Red Dress Club today!

  5. How beautiful and sad. Have you ever seen this site?

  6. I feel the same as 2bdancing. A reminder of how routines are not always mundane or easily shrugged off. Sometimes they are hard.



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