Friday, 17 December 2010

Rue's Friday Fragments #14

Hi I'm Rue, the artist and voice behind Passion in the Moments / E:thos Photographic. As you may have gathered in looking around the blog,  I think a lot and share those thoughts with all and sundry (that is anyone who will listen!). This weekly posting is essentially an opportunity to share tid-bits, rants and observations that I have made in the course of the week that are not really worth writing a whole article about but are interesting nevertheless. These coupled with that odd picture I have taken that doesn't really fit in anywhere, news about what's going on @ E:thos and a review of something interesting, put together in one post makes up what I call Rue's Friday Fragments. There is humour, righteous indignation, sad truths and a little of me, so something for everyone...enjoy!

10. Picture of the week
A lovely summers day for the thick of winter...
9. Group of Students stabbed in Japan attack
This is a tragic story of a man who stabbed 13 students outside a train station in Japan. Worse still, 11 of the students were as young as 12 years old. IT is a sad thing when mental health is not given sufficient attention and the result is attacks of this nature. No one knows yet why the 27 yr old Yuta Saito did this but it has left many wounded, one seriously but thank God no one has died.

8. Inception...
I know I am probably behind on the whole movie scene but I have only just watched this movie and I am so kicking myself for not doing so earlier! I am apathetic when it comes to movies these days as most of them seem really rubbish, overly sexual or volent or both and normally with a stupid story line. So to watch this film and be constantly guess was such a refreshing change of pace, thank you Leo and the gang! Well worth my 90min! 

7. BP oil spill saga continues...
Remember the BP / Gulf of Mexico oil spill that had Obama gracious comparing its impact to the city with 911? Well its not over, no sir. Apparently the US Government is now suing BP and 8 other companies involved in the incident for damages post the oil spill. The companies are all being sued for breach US Environmental Laws. This is likely to be a huge legal battle that will go on well into 2011 at least, we will keep an eye on it.

6. Time Magazine person of the year 2010 is...

Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at 26 years old

5. New beginnings are upon us...
As the year is coming to an end and a new year is fast approaching, if you could do anything, reinvent yourself, change your career to that one thing you have always wanted to do / be what would you do / become?

4. Wikileaks continue...
As more and more secret information continues to pour out, we are starting to see legal cases arising across the world from Africa to Europe and beyond... Sweedenn is having a spotlight at the moment... see more here

3. Inquest into nose job patient who died 
This is a sad story of a lady who had a heart attack during her nose job surgery and yet the doctor continued to finish the job...needless to say she died at the age of 31. Paramedics were kept waiting by her plastic surgeon for 45 minutes after insisting on transferring her to Accident & Emergency in a private hospital in Kent, UK. The case occurred in 2005 though an inquest hearing took place this week were it was reported that the patient Mrs Kat McLure suffered brain damage during that surgery and died 6 months later. I am not a fan of plastic surgery and this is a good reason why not to be but it also highlights how some medical professionals can lose focus of the main 

2. A cleaner planet for our children
This is the UK's new recycling campaign the world you are in. We all have our part to play in ensuring that our children / the next generation have a habitable planet...are you doing your part in your part of the world?
Keep Britain Tidy logo replaced

1. Song of the week
Areo Smith - I don't want to miss a thing...
For all those away from and missing their loved ones and those who have them close...don't take the time you have for granted.

And that's it for this week folks! Have a great weekend!!!!! And remember you can get in touch by commenting or emailing me

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