Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Remembrance...A little everyday

This post is as a memorial...
To all who have stood or died in every civil disobedience, war, or protest against, oppression, tyranny, dictatorship and genocide, no matter the magnitude. Without these heroes of our free world it begs not to think where we would be today...
Poppies on a monument
In honour of the heroes who fell before us

Words that are tossed around protest marches, petitions and rallies. Language that is not unfamiliar to the masses yet with little appreciation for their magnitude and gravity. Each letter is drenched in blood... blood of white and black and yellow... all peoples alike... Every corner of the earth has bled to give birth to the ideology that these words represent. Bled for the reality of these words, bled for the hope that one day the whole world would embrace not just their meaning, but the sacrifice that birthed them.

To have liberty.
To walk in the street when you want, go where you want, with whom you want, without a curfew or military presence as an unspoken caution to restrain your choices...
Being in a position to be open hearted, open minded and open armed...giving room for all peoples, sharing the stage not dictating its possession.
Having the choice; No the right to freely surrender every expressive element from within your being...to have control of you...to be free...

To have freedom.
To know who you are, where you came from and not be denied leave to proceed to where you are going.
Roaming the wilds of imagination, riding the tides of free speech, dancing in the light of opportunity.
Possessing the ability to exercise your will, choose what to believe and whom to follow, if indeed follow at all...the right therein one decides.

To have license.
The right to be unapologetically human, to be a citizen of one's soul without shame or reproach...to feed one's brain with knowledge and body with sustenance to bring strength. 
To hold the keys to one's destiny and utilise them without restraint, fear or inhibition. 
To be without hindrance...without muting... without master, ball or chain.

Freedom...Liberty...License...these are the bedrock of all we hold fast to as free men. Without these tyranny and lawlessness will prevail there is no doubt. 
For these, many stood and fought
For these many more lay down and died
For without this sacrifice;
None would be born free...
None would live free...
None will die free.

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