Monday, 1 November 2010

I am Blogger of Note (BON) over at WOW today!!!!!

Hi and welcome! I am Rue, the 'brain' and photographer behind Passion in the Moments, the blog behind E:thos Photographic. I am so incredibly honoured and just tickled pink to be featured as today's BON (Blogger of Note) over at Words of Wisdom (WOW)!
WOW is a place for all bloggers who enjoy reading and writing great content to find each other and share their work, ideas and experiences so If you are reading this as a fellow blogger, do get over to WOW and join us! by following the link here

That said, welcome to anyone new to Passion in the Moments and a special welcome to fellow WOW members and BON's. I am thrilled to have you visit today and hope you will enjoy your time having a look around. Passion in the Moments is a creative and photo blog. Through words and images I share with you all the way I see the world and my experiences as I go through life, meet and interact with people, nature and the built environment. 

The fun things you should try to see while youre here are; my new challenge, '30 things to do before I am 30' which is a list of things my friends put me up to doing before my 30th birthday next June which I have not tried before...I have done three so far so watch this space. The second thing is my weekly column called' Rue's Friday Fragments' which I post on a Friday with the top ten stories, jokes and news pieces I have heard in the week as well as a random picture with no other home and a music video to listen to as you enter or enjoy the weekend. This was started and is hosted by the lovely Mrs 4444 on her blog Half past Kissing Time where I link my fragments each week. The final thing is my other blog (which is not actually on this site) called 'The Art of Being Humane' which you can access here. This is a humanitarian project I have recently started and is definitely worth keeping an eye on as things develop. Find out why I started it here.

I really hope you enjoy spending some time in my world today and if you really love the images, stories and the humanitarian project then please do tell all your friends and family! The more the merrier! Also do leave as many comments as you like!!!!

Many thanks


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  1. You are definitely a blogger of note; someone special, someone enjoying life, inspiring others and seeing beauty in every thing you see. The world is a better place because you are in it, so I'm glad you are being recognized. Off to check out your links! Happy Saturday! :)



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