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Try a beauty treatment I have not had before # 7 - 30 things to do before 30

Eyebrow threading...ouch! 
'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...' I have heard this quoted and quoted it myself on so many occasions but it was not until I started to consider what to write about this challenge that I seriously pondered the depth and power of meaning these simple eight words have. It means that beauty is defined in a very subjective way be the individual that is determining it. Or consider it this way; that the person looking at another person or object decides if it/they are beautiful based on what the former person believes to be beautiful. So one may look upon a subject and judge it beautiful whilst another person can come along and look at the same subject, in the same conditions at the same time and judge it unattractive to their eye. 

At this point your'e probably thinking; 'Rue! what has a philosophical lesson on a phrase got to do with eyebrow threading!?!' Well to understand that phrase is to unlock the secret behind beauty treatments and how that industry makes loads of cash off beautiful women who barely need much enhancement! (To which most of my girlfriends will start to throw stones at me screaming, 'its OK for you to say that, you have flawless skin!!!) Seriously though, I believe that the best kind of beauty is as natural as possible...Why? Because there is something unique, fresh and lovely about a woman, not just in her natural state, but feeling amazingly beautiful that way.
I get asked often how I became so body confident particularly as I am somewhat curvaceous ( Lol) and not a 'conventional beauty' by 'the fashion world standards'. Well the answer to that is two fold. Firstly how I define beauty gives me confidence in who I am and what I got. Beauty to me; is a combination of physical appearance, intellect, charm, wit and sense of charity to your fellow man...essentially a holistic picture of a person as in opposed to just what they look like. Because I judge myself as being well balanced all round, I am confident in who I am as a person and think I am an attractive person as a result. The key I have found is that if you don't find yourself attractive, no one else will either! If you honestly believe you are beautiful, attractive or sexy, other people will see and feel that energy and will in turn view you that way, or at the very least they will acknowledge your confidence and sense of being comfortable in your own skin...now I cant think of anything more attractive than one who loves being themselves! In a nutshell, 'beauty is not and is never skin deep...and without any depth, one can never be a true beauty'. So where does my confidence comes from...within (and well there is the flawless skin...smile...you get the picture).

The process in action
It must be said at this point that even the most natural of beauties (inwardly and outwardly at that) need a little help to present their physical beauty before the world's scrutiny. So in the spirit of  going through the basic maintenance routines all women have to endure, I thought I would try a new method of torture..err I mean beauty treatment that I have always shied away from (as I am positively allergic to pain!) eyebrow threading....(still feel the pain just by looking at the pics! Ouch!!!). So I am a big believer in your face being a picture and your hair and eyebrows being the frame. Have you ever looked at a beautiful picture in an ugly frame? Or a beautiful house that is dirty, has muddy paws on the porch and has not been painted since the turn of the century before last? Well that's how I see myself when I have not had my eyebrows done especially and my hair looks 'off key'. So I have my eyebrows waxed about every three weeks which keeps them in shape. Now wax is painful but I do it because its a strip and most of the hair comes of at once which I feel is less brutal than threading where she literally is pulling out your eyebrow hair from the root one at at time (or so it felt like) which I feel is 6 million times more pain for the same result! In any event, I went along, had it done, shed tears but I absolutely loved the result! 
Right eyebrow done, Left to go...
So is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Most certainly; the real question is who is the beholder? For me; I play that role and will lend it to a current 'love interest' or friend / family member when seeking their opinion or approval (though occasionally this is volunteered when unsolicited!). I honestly believe that as women, we are our harshest critics! Why? Because we are sort of stuck with ourselves whereas you know (or should know) your man is with you because he likes what you got / who you are (and if he doesn't and keeps trying to get you to change or putting you down you need to give him his P45 and send him packing!) So in the spirit of seeking out what the beholder deems beautiful; I asked a group of girlfriends of varying races, shades, height, weight etc. the same question as follows:

" Hey, I am writing an article for my blog about body confidence and beauty and was wondering; what do you love and hate about your body and what is the one beauty treatment you cant live without carry out?"

Below are some of the answers i got back:

"my smile; hate is too strong for me majorly dislike my fingers nails in particlar never quite seem to grom them like normal peeps; treatment-wise, i don't do much really but i would say i am religious bout the wash/tone/moisturise routine in the morning" Lady F

"Love my girls, hate my legs although funny enuf I cannot go without a pedicure!!! Well and a hairdo but definately the Pedi!! Waxing in certain places is for the greater good of the public so as necessary...!" Lady D

"Love my boobs...hate my stomach...Love a good massage...cleanses, tones n relaxes!!!!" Lady N

"Love my G-cups and my legs! they make me feel sexy....hate my belly and thighs! (everything i eat goes there!!!) Can't go without my eyebrows shaped and hair done, def musts like clock work!" Lady J.D

"I love my size but I hate how hairy I am.The beauty treatment i couldnt live without is cleanser I can always see and feel the difference when I havent used it." Lady D

"I love my eyebrows, but wish they were more hairy!" Lady B

"Right now I have a "muffin" tummy and I'm hating it, I'm so saving for a nip tuck other wise I'm content with my body. I love my legs, my D cups and of course my smile. I'm always with my hypo allegenic lip gloss from Mac, tube size perfume-Escada for jst incase and facial wipes in the summer.' Lady T

"I love my hair treatments - a good conditioning and oil treatment is always necessary..." Lady P

"hmmm...I hate my stomach...I love my lips and my butt....and for me I am not that used to beauty treatment...but anyway I like hair styling but I can live without it..." Lady A

"I love my booty,legs and calves, breasts, lips and eyes. Hate my belly just too big, but I know how to disguise it! I could not be without my make up case and MAC, Body Shop and Mary Kay cosmetics. I know how to work my look. Love make-up and applying it. But the can't live without product would be Ghanian Shea butter. When I go abroad, I go without makeup and just use that stuff makes my skin soooft and smooth and sun kissed! Buuuut! My new beauty treatment to myself is going to be the gym! Yes, being healthy is becoming important to me. There's no point in 'looking good' if the inside of you actually is'nt.!"  Lady B 

" I Love everything actually...I do love my lips and my shape...HOURGLASS! and my eyes I guess one thing I dont like is my flat backside but I have learned to live with it and work with what I aint gott...With regards to treatment im not a treatment person I do get my nails done on a regular basis" Lady M

"Hate my boobs as they are non existant lol! Love my overall siloutte as it has all the curves in the right places. Couldn't live without my makeup or exfoliator" Lady C

"love my curves dnt like my dress size but going to gym to sort that out so watch this space lol! i love body wraps and exfoliation treatments :)))" Lady H

A big thank you to my ladies for responding to such a perosnal question so quickly and honestly! And to SK from Coconut and Cream and Yemi, the resident poetess at the Potter's House for taking the various pictures of me on this post! Love you all Xxx

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  1. I agree 100%. I am drawn to people who exude beauty in all kinds of ways. And eyebrow threading? It's BEASTLY! Pure TORTURE. I will never, ever do it again.

  2. I just did a post on this so I hope you don't mind if I link it here:


    I am chronically ill, chronically fatigued and don't spend much time making myself up. It's just too much energy wasted. I am most beautiful when I am having a wonderful time with my son and you can see it in my eyes and smile.

  3. Emily no problem at all!
    Thanks for stopping by :)



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