Monday, 4 October 2010

ShutterDay: Rain

English weather remembered fondly as...rain
One of the things about England that as a foreigner has been the hardest thing to adjust to is the weather. Its erratic unpredictability is not dissimilar to a double standard man, 'unstable in all his ways'. One can never be sure if it will rain or if the sun will shine or if it will snow or just bring bitter winds from every direction! I must say that the one thing I love about English weather is the snow which is always a high point for me!

But it is English rain that has become an old and dear friend. 
My heart and my cloak cupboard have made room for its many forms... 
We often walk along the street together playing out our relationship. 
Sometimes it shouts at me with a down pour;
Sometimes it drizzles with excitement however short lived. 
Every now and then it mists with frustration as it cannot see the way through. 
More often than not it gently pats me on the head as if to say all will be well;
As it sprinkles itself across the horizon...
Yes it is my long enduring relationship with English rain I love the best...

1 comment:

  1. I love your personification of the rain and how you have friended it. There's an upside to everything. We just have to find it, no?



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