Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Shutter Love: Pumpkin Love...

The lovely Michelle & her pumpkin :)
This is my friend Michelle with her beautiful daughter Wanai whom she calls 'Pumpkin'. Taking pictures of them was so much fun and it is easy to see why they are officially the E:thos' 'Mother and daughter portrait' of the year!
Michelle is obviously a great mum, the way she plays with, calms and hugs & kisses her bundle of joy makes you want to run out and get 10 of your own in hopes that you can be half as good a mum and contain sufficient 'good genetics' to make them even half as beautiful as little Wani!  Michelle's little pumpkin is so loved up and happy she just makes you want to smile, giggle and gurgle along with her... there is something magical about spending time with them and you cant help but walk away (rather tear yourself away) feeling happy and jolly with a big grin and a broody feeling that could get you into all sorts of trouble! They are the perfect pair and so when I thought of a subject for this post I had to show you them together so you can see why this little pumpkin is so happy...beautiful happy mum makes for a beautiful happy pumpkin :)




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