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Rue's Friday Fragments #6

Hi I'm Rue, the artist and voice behind Passion in the Moments / E:thos Photographic. As you may have gathered in looking around the blog,  I think a lot and share those thoughts with all and sundry (that is anyone who will listen!). This weekly posting is essentially an opportunity to share tid-bits, rants and observations that I have made in the course of the week that are not really worth writing a whole article about but are interesting nevertheless. These coupled with that odd picture I have taken that doesn't really fit in anywhere, news about what's going on @ E:thos and a review of something interesting, put together in one post makes up what I call Rue's Friday Fragments. There is humour, righteous indignation, sad truths and a little of me, so something for everyone...enjoy!

As some of you may know, I am turning 30 next year and so my friend Pam thought it would be a great idea for me to carry out and then blog about 30 different (not to mention  completely random) things I have never done before and would like to do before I turn 30 next June... (you can see the list here!) Hope you will enjoy reading my accounts and activities as much as I will enjoy doing, raking and writing them! rue x
Dove Self-esteem weekend
This week I am giving a shout out to two really great events happening this weekend! 
The first is the Dove Self-esteem weekend 2010 [October 22 -24] - Make a young girl /woman in your life feel special this weekend!
'It is powerful when one person believes in you.
The confidence that comes from just one person letting you know they believe in you can help erase doubt, overcome self-consciousness and elevate a dream into a reality. 
But now imagine that one confident woman or girl multiplied by a thousand. Now a hundred thousand. Now a million. With this confidence compounded, expressed, and amplified we can absolutely create a world where girls realize their full potential.' 

Flight 4:13
Now if you like theatrical performances and are in the South of England (well in Reading to be precise) there is a fantastic production being put on at the Hillingdon Prince Hotel, Christ Church Road, Reading this weekend! I saw it a couple of months ago and you can see my review here. Also you can get more details about this weekends performances here! Enjoy...

10.Picture of the Week
River Thames from Tower Bridge
I took the picture above whilst hanging over the side of Tower Bridge looking into the River Thames...
It is disgustingly dirty, no filthy to the point that one ought never to step into it!  I wonder how people swim across it as they do!

9. 8.Feeding drug habit in exchange of fertility
I heard a disturbing story on the news this week of an American woman called Barbara Harris of North Carolina representing US charity 'Project Prevention' who has paid a London drug addict £200 to agree to a vasectomy! Yes cash for sterilisation! As my mouth hung wide open in shock, Harris said in her interview that she did not agree with drug addicts having children as many are born with health problems or eventually are neglected and become the problem of the state. Not so schoking? well, she finished by saying that she was not thinking about nor could she control what a DRUG ADDICT would do with that amount of money!?!?!?!?! 
 OK, At this point I should say that I believe it is bad to take drugs for a million reasons though I recognise that individual adults have the right of choice. But, it is unacceptable and altogether wrong and a different matter to take them when pregnant. Its awful thing to abandon your parental responsibilities when you have children, because of drugs and quite frankly, that stuff is darn right bad for you! That said, I firmly believe that we were created to procreate and therefore no one should ever induce another to give up or lose that God given ability for any reason. The issue is not that these people are capable of reproduction whilst being drug addicts; the real issue is how they found themselves in that position and what can be done to help them stop taking drugs...So if this charity has money to burn, seriously they should burn it on programs geared at helping these people get clean, in their right minds and re-integrated into normal society.

8. What's Man U got to do with it?

The most public 'bust up'  and now break up is that of the rift between Wayne Rooney and his manager Sir Alex Furgeson and the Manchester United Football Club (for the rest of normal non-footballed civilisation, this is an England premier football club, you know, where David Beckham started). The rift is reported to be so severe even Henry Kissinger couldn't reconcile them! Now I am not a football guru or even faithful fan but it has been so widely and consistently reported and televised I could not end the week without mentioning it (that and the fact that the majority of men in my life support this club and have been spitting all week! Lol!). From what I gather, Wayne wants more money than his hundreds of thousands of British pounds per week current salary and may not get more so he is shopping elsewhere...the thing is this club gave him the platform to become a super star of football so I think Sir Alex is a little sore that old Wayne is being disloyal but as they say, 'all is fair in love and war'...

7. Lover beaten senseless over facebook profile 

OK this is just plain wrong and makes African men, particularly from Zimbabwe seem like brutal scum...(which lets face it some are; cue Idi Amin for example...) But, having the privilege of knowing many different types of African men (being African myself) I am happy to report that this is NOT the standard and we only occasionally produce men like our subject but we most certainly are NOT proud of that fact at all! So this story is about a married Zimbabwean man who beat his mistress senseless because of her Facebook activity that led him to believe she was having an affair with someone else. He told the police and then an English Court on Thursday that  'this sort of savage attacks were common in his homeland when dealing with your women. Seriously I hope this guy is sectioned under the Mental Health Act and the key is thrown away! His lover (who pleads innocence on cheating on her married boyfriend) says that she doesn't want charges brought against him, she loves him and if he asked would become his second wife! Talk about Stockholm Syndrome! I just somewhat but this is a serious issue and I was flabbergasted when I read the account.

6. Cinderella's glass slippers for sale!
Yes ladies, Cinder's slippers are real and on sale right now for the modest price of almost US$ 10 000 on At that price tag you are probably wondering if you will have to keep them in a glass cabinet on display? Well the answer is no, you can slip them on and go to the ball, dance the night away and they should hold up through it all! They have been designed to be wearable tho they are made of glass so there is some technology going on there beyond what meets the eye... So if you are dying to get your hands on a pair they are available at Maison Martin Margiela Stores in Hong Kong (not sure about ebay...) 

5. Afghanistanism
This is a new word! Yes, really it is! It means, 'the practice of concentrating on problems in distant parts of the world (foreign affairs) while ignoring controversial local issues(domestic affairs)'. Need I say more?

4. Big Brother Africa's Big loser...
Wow! I have never heard of a loser who wins bigger than the winner yet here were are! The facts are basically, a bunch of Africans were put in a house for a long time and were watched by the continent as they made fools of themselves doing very un-African things! And as big brother everywhere people get kicked out week by week and in the end it was down to a few including a Zimbabwean and a Nigerian, the Zimbabwean being pegged to win. After a mobile phone vote hick-up (so the Zimbabweans claim) the Nigerian wins. The Zimbabwean people are so vexed at this result that they pledge to give the 'loser' from Zimbabwe US$300 000 and a about a big loser! Doesn't that want to make you run out and compete for something and lose?

3. College student named police chief in Mexico
This story is sad really...Rather than the good news story of a very bright student who has risen quickly through the ranks, it is a story of a town gripped in fear and murderous activity that has led to their finest police officers to refrain from applying from this possition for fear of being murdered. The scene, a town near drug cartel capital Juarez, Mexico with 10 000 residents, near the Texas boarder. The position had just one applicant for police chief, 20 year old Marisol Valles Garcia (pictured in pink and black) so she got the job. What caused others to fear is the recent killing spree of public officials in Mexico, with 11 town mayors being murdered this year alone... She told reporters that she took the job because she wanted to help her town overcome the fear that had been instilled by the drug cartel and restore normality...what a brave girl!

2. Time Machine...
My sister-in-law, a wonderful lady called Maidei, posted the following on her Facebook wall and I thought it was sooo great that I have added it to my fragments! She said, 'Don't you just wish some times you could go back in time? If i had my way i know exactly where i want to go...Thats 1997 baby!!... I have one or two people i would like to have said some things to, that would have made a difference :)'
My response was, 'May 1999 for me hun, would have really made a difference with everything :)'
What is your point in time that you would want to go back to??????

Thanks Maidei :) Xx

1. Love is you...
Chrisette Michele...only one word can describe her vocals...amazing! 
This is my song pic for this week, enjoy... 

Mommy's Idea


  1. Now I am not a football guru or even faithful fan but either but I have to agree... The idea of the athletes demanding more and more money for doing something they so call "love" doing is quite frankly unappetizing and hard to swallow! I believe every one who works hard deserves to be rewarded for that, but sometimes the ego can really get in way!

    About the Dove self esteem program... I think it's great! I know I read a blog post where Jen, writer of "peices of me", from the Friday Fragments Linky tools list, also mentioned it. It was the first I'd heard of it! That video was great!

    Your artistic eye is different... I like different!

    And yes, 8 years ago I would have been into those "Cinderella Slippers" (except for the price...wowzer)... But today I only wear shoes with heels to 2 places, church and the bedroom!

    Stopping by from Mrs.4444's, Friday Fragments over at Half Past Kissin' Time!!

    Have an awesome weekend Rue :)


  2. I agree. That woman in Mexico is very brave; it's so disturbing what's been going on down there!

    Were I in a time machine, I would stop back to the point at which my abuser began sexually molesting me, and I would tell him to get his f-king hands off me. Some people say they wouldn't change stuff like that; that it's made them who they are today. I say that's a load of crap :)

  3. Mrs 4444 I hear you! Stuff like that is never easy. I have been blessed I guess in a way to have come across a number of women and girls in my travels who have been abused sexual, mentally, emotionally & physically because I have been able to be there for them whilst working through their pain / grief / hurt over the past. Its not by design but I guess God has given me an extra measure of love for women in those situations or from those backgrounds... Honestly, if I could I would take them back to a place before that time too and honestly even have their abusers imprisoned before they hurt them or anyone else. It is a hurt that not many can understand and no one should ever have to go thru so my heart and prayers are with you and I support your position on this one! :)



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