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Rue's Friday Fragments # 4

Hi I'm Rue, the artist and voice behind Passion in the Moments / E:thos Photographic. As you may have gathered in looking around the blog,  I think a lot and share those thoughts with all and sundry (that is anyone who will listen!). This weekly posting is essentially an opportunity to share tid-bits, rants and observations that I have made in the course of the week that are not really worth writing a whole article about but are interesting nevertheless. These coupled with that odd picture I have taken that doesn't really fit in anywhere, news about what's going on @ E:thos and a review of something interesting, put together in one post makes up what I call Rue's Friday Fragments. There is humour, righteous indignation, sad truths and a little of me, so something for everyone...enjoy!
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Have a look at this week's Photo Study; a derelict church building that appears to have suffered some fire damage in Bristol  City Centre. See more here... 

This week's shout out is to The Royal Family...No no! Not the British Royal Family, but another equally royal group of really talented young people who make amazing music! They are known as TRF Worldwide.
TRF Worldwide is a group of artists that have come together and formed a Christian record label, Management Company and Publishing House to market their talent. The say of themselves; 'We represent an anti-pop culture movement and strive to change people's mindsets about God's music and His message' a bold statement which they have made strides towards achieving in practice. You will find more about TRF Worldwide on their website and myspace pages, including how to purchase their music..

Contact info

10. Picture of the week

9. Webcam Prank 
It was sad to hear in the news this week of the young boy who committed suicide after his room mate put a compromising video of him on the internet. What is equally disturbing is that this awful incident is being used as a means to further an agenda for 'Gay Rights' activists which could see the two teens who posted the video sent to prison. I've got to say that I don't believe that the centre of this story is homosexuality at all, but some deep rooted issues beyond that which the young man who died was facing prior to the public embarrassment. It may have been an issue of acceptance by himself or other, life pressures, his relationship with his family, even education or a combination of these. The other side of the coin is that we have and allow the likes of Jerry Springer type TV shows to not only air but let children be exposed to these and all them to think that another's pain / suffering / embarrassment publicly is amusement. The reality is that society and parents have a share to blame in this story and it is about a generation of young people being raised to do what makes them feel good and ultimately if they are not cool and accepted and 'like everyone else' then they are a minority and may as well not exist. The same set of circumstances could apply to any child that is different and is not confined to sexuality in my book, but altogether a sad story...

8. Johnny Deep in London School as Captain Jack Sparrow 
A great story I watched online this week is that of Johnny Deep taking time out of filming to attend a school assembly in London after a nine year old fan named Beatrice wrote to him. He arrived in full costume as Jack Sparrow, letter in tow and entertained the children. I do love stories where wealthy famous people do something pro bono especially if it is for children so good on you Johnny! 

7. Gamu on X-Factor to be deported?
Firstly it must be said that this young lady has serious talent! She really has a big voice for such a small girl and I was truly impressed with her music. however, seriously, if you are an illegal immigrant or no longer have leave to live in a foreign country would you honestly apply to take part in a national televised music competition????????????? So talented definitely...but not too clever I'd say...

6.Nobel Awarding body get it right this time
Following the ridiculous awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to the yet proven President Barack Obama it is refreshing to see that the awarding committee have collected themselves and returned to awarding people for their achievements rather than a wish that one may achieve with the award to Chinese dissident  Liu Xiaobo this year. He is being awarded for his long standing campaign for human rights in China and a call for political reform. However the Chinese government are in uproar as Mr Xiaobo is currently imprisoned in China for his activities so controversy has yet to leave the Nobel Peace Prize Awards process.

5.Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper for top job
This is an amusing story but also a serious one in the political tussle between  husband and wife team Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper British politicians both vying for the same top job as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. The amusement is in that his wife has more political support than her husband so one can only imagine what it would be like over the dinner table after she wins and then maybe burns the rice because she is distracted by her top job! Lol! Only joking about the rice but it is a lot to be said for women in the workplace and in politics so Yvette you have my support!

4. Slogans and cursing
I saw this poster on someone's wall on Facebook and thought, yes this is fantastic! Way too often and too easily people curse and swear using blasphemous language which is simply not on! I get incredibly frustrated with people who do this because it is one thing to not believe in God but that doesn't mean you should be disrespectful of Him especially in public as the rest of us DO believe in Him! I hope we see more slogans like this setting the record straight!

3. Google sponsored images
I didnt know google was doing this but when I was searching for something the other day the google image (below) of John Lenon came up so I clicked on it and it went to another page which essentially was a search for Lenon himself! Who knew google was doing that???? Interesting marketing tool or just clever art? 

2. Five guys to avoid
Destiny Connect online Magazine says that; 'They may be charming and sexy but these guys will only leave you with a broken heart' [read full article here]. It must be said that its nothing new but us girls seem to be consistently caught in the same trap over and over and over again! Look beyond this list ladies and see the good men out there!

1. Men peeing into bottles on public buses!!!!
I know, but alas it is true! I don't even want to think anymore about it except to say you can read the full account if you follow the link here.
From This World Around Me

Disclaimer: Images in this post are courtesy of the internet unless otherwise labelled as my own work.

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  1. Oh I just love your blog! I am a new visitor and follower from Friday Fragments. Your photo's are just beautiful and you are funny!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. So glad you linked up this week--These are very interesting, and I enjoyed the different style. Just so you know, I always publish FF on Thursday nights at 9pm central time; the earlier you link up, the more visitors you'll get, usually :) Oh, and please remember to link back to Friday Fragments :) THX

    I really enjoyed the TRF music! As for the webcam incident, I agree with you 100%, and I could see kids doing this to heterosexual roommates as well; I don't think it was anti-gay motivated at all. Such a sad story.

    I also concur on the Nobel Peace Prize pic! And Johnny Depp? Loved him before and love him even more now! :)

    Have a great week!



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