Friday, 26 November 2010

Rue's Friday Fragments #11

Hi I'm Rue, the artist and voice behind Passion in the Moments / E:thos Photographic. As you may have gathered in looking around the blog,  I think a lot and share those thoughts with all and sundry (that is anyone who will listen!). This weekly posting is essentially an opportunity to share tid-bits, rants and observations that I have made in the course of the week that are not really worth writing a whole article about but are interesting nevertheless. These coupled with that odd picture I have taken that doesn't really fit in anywhere, news about what's going on @ E:thos and a review of something interesting, put together in one post makes up what I call Rue's Friday Fragments. There is humour, righteous indignation, sad truths and a little of me, so something for everyone...enjoy!

30 before 30 update
I did it! I tried my hand at golf (well I hit the ball anyway...err on the second try! Lol!) and you know what, I think I may just take it up! Look out for my post on the day coming soon...

On the road...
I am in Africa at the moment and eagerly waiting for an opportunity to get out there and take some pics to share with you (but as I have not been too well my mother has me taking it easy and pacing myself so you may have to wait a little while but watch this space!!!)

10. Picture of the week

9. When should we let sleeping dogs lie?
I was watching the American Music Awards tonight and almost feel out of my chair when two groups of really old men took to the stage going by the names, 'New kids on the block' and 'back street boys'. Now seriously, I thought those guys grew up!?!?!?! Am I wrong? The thought of clutching at straws comes to mind here...

8. Dad's humour
My dad is a lawyer and enjoys lawyer jokes, this one in particular crosses professions and I thought was particularly special so I thought I would share :)
' A doctors mistakes are buried;
 A lawyers mistakes are put behind bars;
 A teachers mistakes are seen walking around the street and in every work establishment across the city!' Lol!

7. United States of Africa [USA 2]
Seriously? Where do I start on this one???? Maybe we should start by talking about the dictatorships and civil wars present on the continent, or maybe the debt, or lawlessness / bribery  / corruption that is rampant across boarders... Unifying this mixed bag of political disasters will do one thing, spoil the good ones, the democratic and fair ones and the ones really trying to get in a word? NO! This idea does not get my vote!!! 

6. North vs. South Korea
Well I just don't know but I think it is safe to say that the Koreans fighting each other is a bad idea! The complexity of how this squabble affects the whole region can be simplified by thinking of the world as a role of London houses. If one catches fire then the whole lot will eventually go down too! What am I saying? Well the Korean fight affects Russia and China and they have allies and enemies who will be affected who have the same and so on until we are all in it! This is also the way world wars begin so here's hoping this will end and quickly...

5. Happy Thanksgiving America!

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a good one! Guess that means Christmas is around the corner! Oh dear, already! 

4. Mining tragedy 
My heart goes out to the miners and their families who were lost in the New Zealand disaster...After the success in Chile, I had taken for granted that these miners would be successfully rescued so it was a shock indeed to hear of the second explosion that took place this week. My prayers are with all the families and those directly affected by this sad event.

3. Malawi 2010
An art exhibition in Malawi, southern Africa by Dutch photographer Arjen van de Merwe was showing from November 17th - 26th which showcased a collection of images staged for this event. Included in this artistic work was a local clothing designers whose clothes the female models wore. The exhibition was designed to raise awareness of social and cultural issues that seem to be causing a generational divide in the country by getting the models to pose in various positions typical of gender roles in Malawi. It was interesting to observe and get into discussion about each image with the photographer and fellow exhibition attendees.
It made for an interesting evening and most certainly left food for thought...

2. Longoria / Parker divorce
Eva ' Desperate housewives' Longoria is divorcing her toy boy husband Tony Parker due to his infidelity... Honestly I am surprised it lasted this long in the first place! Not to be mean but its Hollywood and in Hollywood the odds of marital success are low, and even lower if the wife is older e.g. Madonna and Guy... and therein lies my point.

1. Video of the Week
Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - Time of my life
This pick is due to the new remix of this song by Black Eyed Peas which reminded me how great this song is.

And that's it for this week folks! A day late but well worth waiting for I think! And remember you can get in touch by commenting or emailing me


  1. Quite the international flavor you have in your fragments this week, Rue. I found them very interesting.

    I picked up a map the other day (for a nephew who loves them) and bought an obscure one for me. It shows the most dangerous places in the world to live. You will not be surprised that a large number of the "red" zones were in Africa. It's very sad. Where exactly in Africa are you, again?

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Hello Mrs 4444 :-) I am blogging from Malawi, Southern Africa this week and I must say it is a beautiful country! My family comes from here so I could be bias but I sure do love it here. Its not very well developed yet but there are a lot of people working really hard to improve things across the board from infrastructure to human rights; from rectifying poverty to ensuring the rights of a girl child to learn and grow unhindered by society. More to come on Malawi and indeed other parts of Africa so Passion in the Moments is going to be fairly international going forwards, from Africa and beyond! Keep an eye out particularly for images of the different nations.
    I am not feeling too bad, thank you for enquiring, though I think I have come into close contact with mosquitoes and praying I don't get malaria!



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