Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween's Ultimate Villain

'The Devil'... acted by the very talented Kane :)
Deceptive...Destructive...Dumb...That's the Devil!

So Halloween is here and there is a buzz within and without the blogging world as to its festivities. Well all I have to say about Halloween is that is just isn't a holiday for Christians so I don't celebrate or get into the drama of it. Some people I tell this say to me, 'Rue its just a bit of fun' and you know what? I cant see it!
Aside from the obvious fact that Halloween celebrates the devil / demons, witchcraft, magic, superstitions and all that other stuff (that I might add you would not think so fun if you ever saw what happens to people who are struck by 'black magic', 'juju' or witchcraft, which as an African I can assure you exists even today); its just darn right wired! In addition,  I think its insane to think that it is good for kids to dress up as devils and other sinister characters and threaten to 'trick' someone who will not 'treat' them with sweets that will only go a long way to decay their teeth and give them a belly ache!

So this is not a post to celebrate Halloween but a note to say that it is a deliberate act that I have not paid any attention to it at all.  I had thought to ignore it completely but realised that silence may be conceived as a form of acceptance that it has its place which would be wrong of me. So I wont be silent and I wont conform, I just don't think its cool folks and so I go on record and say  I don't agree with it.



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