Thursday, 14 October 2010

30 things to do before 30

This is me! (@ 29)
Hie I'm Rue :)

I am 29 on the edge of my 20's heading fast for 30! As such I have compiled a list of things I would like to do before I turn 30. Some of them are things I would like to do before I leave my 20's, others are things I have always wanted to do but not got round to yet (and well I do need 30 things!). So why do this? Its all because my friend Pam thought it would make for great blogging to come back and post how I faired in each task. When she suggested it I have to admit I was sold! The adventure alone got me going as I love trying new things and going a little crazy from time to time. I must admit that I have mixed feeling about turning 30; primarily around being single with the old biological clock screaming at me from time to time. But on the whole I am really excited about turning 30 as my 30th birthday coincides with some exciting changes that are occurring in my life at present (more to come about that later). 

I invite you to join me in my adventures over the next eight months as I keep you updated on my progress with the list.

The List

1.   Learn something new
2.   Visit a country you have never been to before
3.   Blag a high speed motor experience
4.   Be someone I knows secret valentine
5.   Go on an elephant ride
6.   Attend a live sporting event
7.   Try a beauty treatment I have not had before
8.   Play a round of golf (or try!)
9.   Apply for a job at McDonalds
10. Do the official tour of London (London bus & Thames River boat tour)
11. Buy a designer pair of sexy black high heels 
12. Go on a blind date
13. Sponsor a child
14. Random act of kindness
15. Get rid of your wardrobe and develop a new look
16. Go zorbing 
17. High tea at a prestigious London venue
18. Go to karaoke night (somewhere) and sing ‘Proud Mary’
19. Go on a Lake Malawi cruise
20. Host a dinner party and cook from scratch following popular recipes
21. Have a mini photographic exhibition
22. Learn to juggle (Andie will teach me)
23. Learn to wind surf /white water rafting
24. Guest write / feature in a magazine
25. Design and get a temporary henna tattoo
26. Go to a function in fancy dress / disguise
27. Go on a road trip and take 1000 images of the journey
28. Help a charity with a project
29. Do something wild and wacky
30. Read on of my poems out loud or speak at a public event

After I have completed each task I will write about it and post it on the blog and then link it here so you can keep tabs on my progress.


rue x

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