Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Monument & A Veteran

A Monument

A Veteran

A Monument and a Veteran
Time passed in a cool breeze as the Monument towered above the Veteran that erected it in times gone by. With all his peers gone before him he had nought but the monument  for comfort as he pondered on the times of battle and valiant pursuits in the name of Queen and country. 
Contemplating all that he sees around him it is a silent half thought he dare not whisper...was the sacrifice worth what the younger 'modern' generation had become? 
Every news report bringing more and more distress of the actions and choices of those whose freedom he had fought and lost family and friends to preserve. 
With a sombre thought He turns his back on the monument that represents what seemed to be a worthless sacrifice...


  1. heart-touching-breaking-beautiful.

  2. Post for thought....Beautiful b&W ;)

  3. A really fine and telling series.



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