Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Interflora junkies...a little something for you :-)

Now I have to say that this is another random impromptu posting which has been inspired by a bunch of flowers delivered to my door today! I am a girly girl so love flowers and hand written poetry and being serenaded and long walks on the beach holding get the picture, I am basically a hopeless romantic! As such I really beleive that flowers; that is nice simplistic not over the top flowers as a beautiful gesture for any woman (though it must be said not all women would appreciate them as much as I do). So I am sharing my flowers with all the girly girls out there, especially the single ones who don't have someone to surprise them with flowers and random internals, "just because its Tuesday!". Whilst pink lilies are my favourite, there is something festive, exciting and passionate about red flowers so these were the perfect compliment to my day :-)

For you ladies, here are my perfect bunch of flowers, enjoy.... and 'happy Wednesday!' :-) 
rue x

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  1. Hopping by from SITS. Thanks for posting my favourite flowers! ;)



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