Saturday, 4 September 2010

Flying School...A day in the life of a flock of seagulls

The following gallery is a collection of images  taken on Hayling Island, England. 
A flock of seagulls 
In this photo story, we see a flock of seagulls. as I captured this group I imagined that they were an academy flying school and that this was their final maiden voyage flight for the young cadet seagulls. (Over active imagination I know!). Therefore the group of pictures above set the scene for the Hayling Island Academy Flight School (for seagulls).
Take off!
This second group of images shows the majority of the class of 2010 taking flight as they have learnt and doing so without hesitation and to perfection.
The story takes a turn as we settle on one cadet I have named Bernie.
Bernie feather high in water yet still not budging!
Bernie is unsure about the whole flying thing, especially after so many false starts and falls. he is a keep your feet on the ground kinda guy (even if in so doing your feet get wet!). Bernie considers his options once the rest of his class had flown away and he realised quickly that it is going to have to be do or drown!

And Bernie is off!
Bernie gathers himself and every amount of courage he can summon and prepared to take flight. As Bernie ascends he finally finds his wings and has victory!!!!

The end.

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  1. Hahaaa...Loving Bernie!! And he really had to Work for it didn't he!
    Great story!



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