Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Recycle me a planet or two...

Trees... An optical illusion
In the last three or so years I have had various encounters with the 'go green' movement that is aimed at 'saving the planet' from mankind's destructive behaviour! With increasing emphasis and attention on an organisations 'Corporate Social Responsibility', I found myself cast as the 'environmental champion' at work. This role required me to join an environmental sterring group, organise activities and campaigns to highight the issues around how people are damaging the environment and manage our sub contractors in a way that their actions improved our carbon foot print position. I must say however that I do feel somewhat of a fraud because at home I am not so motivated to 'save the planet'. The reason for this is that the systems I have to live within or rely upon for travel and waste disposal all seem to work against the environmentally not so-conscious! 

Travel being the chief culprit in my battle to be green in that public transport is shockingly unreliable and shrouded with inexplicably frequent delays. For one to rely on the bus or train to get to work and around generally, literally means to allow these services to dictate your day. I remember many a Sunday in winter particularly waiting at a train station to get me to church and an hour or hours could go by at times before a train arrived going your way. This coupled with the virtually non existent Sunday bus service was frustrating at the best of times and the lack of buses after 8pm then hindered any socialisation one may want to partake in on an evening. The answer? Buy a car and burn Co2 so you can be on time and have flexibility!

My personal favourite is that of the conundrum that is garbage  / waste disposal! We are encourage to the point of being impressed upon to recycle as much of our waste as possible to the point that our general waste is only collected fortnightly and the bins provided for it are small to limit the amount it will hold whilst we get six different recycling bins of varying sizes. The main deterrent for me when it comes to recycling at home unlike at work is separating everything down to types of plastic, cardboard and glass! I am not really a 'greenie tree huger' type so I only have a measure of motivation which is easily defused when I am expected to separate my household waste into six different bins!!!!! Crazy or what??? In my new neighbourhood the local council expect this to be done or they will punish you by not collecting your trash! The result often is that everything goes into black bags for general waste collection. 

So my petition is thus, many people, (myself included) are not so passionate about saving the plant but are willing to contribute to the effort provided that the process is not time consuming or frustrating... So if the powers that be would make it easier for us to pick 'green' or 'greener' options then we would pick them! That said it is indeed a noble cause to save the plant and where and when we can we should all do more towards preserving our planet for the next generation... 

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