Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge [Dartford River Crossing]

I had the opportunity to cross the River Thames at the Dartford Crossing into London and when doing so I was able to capture the images in this post. I absolutely love bridges from an architectural and design point of view and therefore it was a wonderful opportunity to capture it from the point of experiencing using it. These images were taken whilst on and using the bridge which makes the images that much more special as there was only one chance to take each shot. 
The Dartford - Thurrock River CrossingDartford River Crossing (DRC) (or simply the Dartford Crossing) is a major road crossing of the River Thames in England, connecting Dartford in the south to Thurrock in the north, via two road tunnels and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. It opened in stages, the west tunnel in 1963, the east tunnel in 1980, and the bridge in 1991. Until the opening of the bridge, built to the east of the two tunnels, the crossing was known as the Dartford Tunnel.

I also like how bridges connect two places that would otherwise not be connected without them. It reminds me of how Christ is the bridge between man and God, the path that joins us with our Creator and that brings us from a point of darkness in sin to light in salvation. I have used this concept in the majority of the images that have areas of complete darkness and light from the sun representing the Son of God. 

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