Saturday, 21 August 2010

Passion in the Moments is now part of the Higher Calling Network!

E:thos Photographic is a Christian owned photography company and as such our 'ethos' and values are based on biblical principles. Whilst we are not a 'religious' blog in that the main content of this blog is not about religious views or practices; we believe that through our photography, reflections / writings and all we do we represent Christ in our conduct and subject matter being in line with what we fundamentally believe.  We are also of the opinion that a blog that is Christian owned and inspired should make a contribution to the Christian online media effort. With this in mind we have recently put forward our blog, Passion in the Moments to join the Higher Calling Network which is essentially a group of chirsitan bloggers sharing their faith in various ways as we do through photography here.

Our vision is that we will be able to show our readers a different side to Christianity which is about relationship and engaging people with like interests, ours being photography, and that through those interests we are able to share our faith, show love to other people, help the needy, downcast and broken hearted and be a light to those who are still trying to find their way. As such all that you see on our blog is inspired through our faith and we do not recognise a distinction between who we are and what we believe. We present imagery and text purely from a personal perspective and experience of life and faith and as such hope to present a realistic picture of what an ordinary Christian looks like, thinks, feels, struggles with experiences and how we deal with those issues. As well as the wealth of other things we get involved in and appreciate.

So we welcome our new Higher Calling Network readers / viewers and hope you enjoy the journey we have already begun through imagery and beyond...

As is fitting for the theme of this post, I found this video (below) and I was convinced! Its an interesting perspective on the challenges that Christians face today, please take a few minutes to watch it.

Many thanks Christian Blog Network


  1. Great post and great video!

  2. welcome to hcb!

    love your work. it has life and value and passion.

  3. It sounds like your philosophy and that of HCB are a good fit! Welcome to the community! I"m looking forward to seeing more of your work. Excited by what I see here!

  4. Welcome aboard!

    And great video. Loved this line, "afford their empty lifestyles."



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