Thursday, 5 August 2010

Passion in the Moments Community

A passionate community deserves a place where their feelings, ideas, thoughts and creativity can be shared!  

I write a lot of things here, all from the heart and life experience or something that catches my attention and so far its been very much a one way street conversation. You all know or have an idea about what I think on a variety of subjects but we don't really get to thrash it out in discussion so I can glean from your hearts, experiences and wisdom. So I decided to start the Passion in the Moments Community to give you a voice! I would like to be able to engage my readers / fans / followers and critics in conversation about the topics I touch on here and share your experiences, questions, thoughts, ideas and maybe even a few funny stories!!! 

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So please do click on the link in the side menu on the right or at the bottom of this post and get involved in the conversation or start a discussion of your own! Lets make this a useful space where we can all walk away richer in mind and spirit from interacting with each other!!! - Passion in the Moments Community Link

Image courtesy of the internet

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