Saturday, 21 August 2010

Paolozzi's 'Head of Invention'

Paolozzi's sculpture Head of Invention is installed in front of the Design Museum on the Thames at Butler's Wharf, London (1989)
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, KBE, FRA (7 March 1924 – 22 April 2005), was a Scottish sculptor and artist. 
I personally think that Paolozzi was a genius and a little crazy too which is about right being an artist! His work is certainly inspirational and I was captivated when I saw this sculpture outside the Design Museum in London that I had to not only capture it but put my mark on it. The images you will see here are of the Head of Invention with an artistic twist from E:thos Photographic, I hope you will enjoy them.
'Paolozzi was a major figure in the international art world working without compromise on his own interpretation and vision of the world around us. 
Paolozzi investigated how we can fit into the modern world to resemble our fragmented civilization through imagination and fantasy. By the dramatic juxtaposition of ideas in his work, he let us see the confusion as well as the inspiration'.

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