Monday, 2 August 2010

The New Forest the way I saw it...

I had the pleasure of going to the New Forest recently with and it simply took my breath away...
Having lived in England for a while, I have driven through it before on only one other occasion and had said I wanted to return with my camera. A photography competition took me back there and I am sure glad I made the time to go! It is simply amazing, nature at its finest and us as people doing right by the earth's plants and animals (for a change) in a big way! Here are some of the 200 images I captured during that trip, enjoy!
When I went on the New Forest tour bus I captured all of these images whilst I was in motion and in the picture above the horses and myself were both in motion at the time of taking the image.
Contrary to what I thought prior to going there, the New Forest is not just trees! As beautiful and plentiful as scenes like that pictured above are, they are just part of what the New Forest has to offer with its many villages, bodies of water and animals...

There are some amazing houses in the various villages in the New Forest from thatched to stone and everything in-between!  There are also beautiful church buildings everywhere! A delight for me as I love architecture...the older and the more vernacular the better!

There were other unique things to be seen in like a horse drawn cart that was operating as someone's transportation, a harbour full of boats truck loads of hay and a motor museum just to name a few...

I thoroughly enjoyed being in the New Forest and hope that you have seen a good selcetion of the different aspects of it from the few short hours I spent there...One last picture of me in the New Forest as a special for my Mum! She is always complaining that I send her so many pictures to see of different places but I am never in them!  So this one is for you Mum... and though you cant see the trees and all it is the New Forest...honest! Love you Mum x

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