Thursday, 19 August 2010

Happy World Humanitarian Day!

adj 1: marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare;
                            "a humane physician"; "released the prisoner for
                            humanitarian reasons"; "respect and humanistic regard
                             for all members of our species" [syn: human-centered,
                             humanist, humanistic]
     2: of or relating to or characteristic of humanitarianism;
                             "humanitarian aid"
                              n : someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to
                              social reforms [syn: do-gooder, improver]

"In the past decade, more than 700 humanitarian workers have perished while providing life-saving assistance to millions around the world." 

High Commissioner Navi Pillay and OHCHR staff who survived the 2003 bomb attack on the UN headquarters in Iraq, remember fallen colleagues at OHCHR headquarters in Geneva. © OHCHR Photo
Courtesy of the UN website
In an effort to raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance, the General Assembly designated 19 August as World Humanitarian Day. This inaugural year honours those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and those who continue to bring assistance and relief to millions. [UN Source.]

Today is World Humanitarian Day (19th August) and to mark this occasion  I have focused on an issue which is one of the worst that humanitarians all around the world are having to deal with on a daily basis and that is the issue of Violence against women and girls (see article here)

World Humanitarian Day is a day that celebrates and recognises the work of humanitarian workers everywhere. Humanitarian workers come in all nationalities, ethnicities, genders, ages, shapes, sizes and professions:

They are the on-the-ground aid workers and peacekeepers

They are the advocacy and campaigning groups.

They are the medical professionals of every level.

They are the researchers, scientists, teachers and mentors.

They are the priests, monks, nuns working amongst the people in the field.

They are the volunteers, professionals and vocationals.

They are white-collar, blue-collar, no collar.

They work to broker peace, eradicate disease, purge hunger and end violence against women (sometimes, at the cost of their own lives)
[ reprinted from a post by Regina Yau, Founder and President of the Pixel Project.].

The work that humanitarians do is so important because there are millions of people in the world who do not have basic human rights or a voice and what aid workers do is make efforts to meet these basic needs and empower people to be able to stand on their own feet. Their work truly does speak for itself so I will make my words few and simply say this; that the world would not be able to sustain itself without humanitarians at work and at heart. Everyone can play a role in making the world a better and safer place for the next generation... You can be the difference ...volunteer...

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