Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge -- Dirt

My contribution to the Brenda Photo Challenge this week. alternative way of life
I have picked this image for this week's challenge because it is not a usual sight in a country like the United Kingdom. The gentleman in the picture is a (white) English man who lives under the M4 flyover in London in this self made shack on the left. His camp can be accessed from the A4 going into London where I took this image just moments before he saw me and chased me into oncoming rush house traffic yelling how he does not want reporters near him. I did try to explain that I was not a reporter but thought it prudent to do so while I ran for my life! Dodging the cars I managed to cross the street to safety and I sit here now in one piece sharing this image with you.

In the UK there are many services and agencies that are dedicated to providing housing and services to prevent homelessness that it is not expected to see a sight such as this. This is something that one would envision takes place in the poorest countries in the world. Now as he did not want to talk to me I do not know if he is forced by his circumstances to live there or if it is by choice. What we do know is that he lives in an environment that could be described in one word...DIRT.

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  1. Unfortunately there are lots sleeping like this throughout the UK. Thank you for helping to raise the awareness of this problem with your great thought provoking photo.

  2. I can not imagine having to live like that and thankfully I'm not in a situation where I'm faced with that. Excellent photo.

  3. This is an Extremely thought provoking photo E!! You could have been hurt trying to get it!! SO grateful you weren't! I Can say you're a Dedicated photographer though!Lol
    Bless this man's heart...I would think if his mind was truly With us, he would let someone help him. You just Never know what is to be in our lives...
    Well done!

  4. Oh Wow! First of all, I'm happy to know that you weren't struck by the traffic while getting this shot. Secondly, it's truly awesome even while deeply troubling. I wish I could say that the sight is unusual in the U.S. but I'm afraid it's all too familiar here. Everywhere here. Thank you so much for joining us!

  5. Such a sad photo. I'm sorry to say we have our share of homeless here in the U.S. as well.

  6. Good perspective on the challenge...and sad, too!

  7. I am glad you are ok. You worked hard to get your photo. It is sad to see people living in conditions such as these. We too have these issues in the US. Very sad.
    Great picture that tells a story.



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