Thursday, 22 July 2010

A walk through fields of gold

I went for a walk in Wokefield, the village down the road from mine, with friends and their dog. Apparently it is a famous path and one of the longest as it stretches all the way back to Mortimer where I live a few miles down the road. We saw some scramblers too! (people who walk on paths like this as a hobby). We didn't walk its full length but went a good part of the way and it was breathtaking! here are a couple of pictures so you can see and judge for yourself...

The Gold

The Path

The Dog

The Ramblers

The View


  1. Wow!! That is amaingly beautiful..I could do with becoming a scrambler myself..Love village life....However I saw something deeper than just a field of wheat..before when you said Gold..I thought it may be sunflowers..but this right there is God expressing beauty..I feel the breath of God walking down that path....I am in awe...Take me there when I come.. Maybe our Sunday morning stroll??

  2. Definitely! One of many places out here...the Berkshire countryside is breathtaking...

  3. absolutly breathtaking!



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