Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Umbrella's for Peace

I went to Frimley Park in Farnborough a little while ago and whilst there I came across a display of painted umbrella's. When I enquired as to the identity of the artists I was told the umbrellas were designed by the children of St Bernadett's Primary. They have painted different symbols and pictures on their umbrellas, expressing the children's hopes and dreams for their future, that of peace amongst all peoples across the world. 
This was based on a project called 'Umbrellas of Peace' that was started in America after the 9/11  terrorist attacks in New York.
When world leaders come together with the likes of the UN and other independent agencies to broker peace deals; on balance their decisions are often based on the lessor of two evils, on compromise in the pursuit of achieving the diplomatic process to democracy. 
When terrorists, dictators, religious fanatics and dissidents set out on a quest to achieve their agenda, there is no limit to what they will not do, who they will not sacrifice to achieve their goals. Often very little humanity is employed in their determination to be accepted as right, to be heard and to be appeased. 
When children come together, their desire is to find peace, to join together regardless of race, colour or creed. Children harbour no unspent rage, bitterness or ill feeling. On the play ground they fall out, make up and genuinely move on and forward, never looking back or holding a grudge. Children don't see colour, they see people... children seek what is pure, what is true and right.
Children have the purest motive, the truth on their lips and love in their hearts... Yet when the world is torn apart by hate, children are the greatest casualty of all...

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