Thursday, 22 July 2010

The looking glass and the seeing eye

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. 
Only through experience of trial and suffering 
can the soul be strengthened, 
ambition inspired, and
 success achieved. 
Helen Keller

It is not what we say that shows our strength of character. Nor is it when we stand tall that we are most visible. It is not when we look into the mirror that we see ourselves. Nor when we shout the loudest that we are heard. It is folly to believe that we can 'cheat death', that is to develop character without the battle scars of suffering or the wounds of experience. 

We cannot purport to have integrity when we fail to rise to the occasion in the tests life brings. Through the difficult choices and the decisions we make, we shape our lives...It is not to arrive at the right answer that gives us credibility, but the courage to choose, and resolve to stand by our decisions in spite of the consequences. 

It is through our consistency in action and stoic demeanor that we can have confidence in the path we choose. We can find a strength in this deportment, not conflicted by emotion or torn by possibilities and eventualities, where weakness and cowardice will fail us. 

As our words and actions are displayed congruously on life's stage, they will testify of our strength of person. Time being the most faithful and transparent adjudicator of life,  we have no need or recourse to present a case in debate or discussion. The principles upon which we live our lives will speak louder than any representation we can bring ourselves.

It is in the midst of the storms of life that inspirations comes to us and we avail much. Only in the throws of daily turbulence do we find our feet. If we are able to overcome, never losing sight of the goal, we can and will emerge victorious.

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