Thursday, 22 July 2010

Living Out Loud!

I have written countless times how much I admire children and see so much of what we should be (as adults) in them. A good example is how we as individuals approach change or the possibility thereof. Children are adventurous by nature, even the introverted ones seek out new experiences want to learn and soak up all of life without discrimination or reservation. Children instinctively know that for them to grow and develop they must continually learn, push their boundaries and leap every now and again. Imagine the process of learning to walk from a child's perspective. It is a new concept, they have never tried it before and there is no guarantee of success, yet they go for it (leap) and they fall...countless times in fact before they get the hang of it and are off!  An adult in the same situation would be conflicted about things like, assurance of success, minimised risk of failure, least personal cost and fear of the unknown. A child sees through the eyes of 'why not' with a sense of curiosity that propels them forwards to their advantage...Adults see through the eyes of 'what if' with a sense of trepidation at what is unknown, at the challenge of a new beginning, at the concept of being evicted from their comfort zone, at the thought of change.

It is no surprise then that while children advance in knowledge, develop faster, learn like sponges, recover from setbacks quicker and are more willing to try, adults are constantly seeking an insurance policy to remove risk from the equation, stunting their advancement in the process...With mounting responsibility, increasing uncertainty in the world and change being thrust upon us daily, how then can we sort 'the wheat from the chaff' of life and find a place where we can live free of inhibitions and fear and embrace change? Perspective -- The way we view life, choices, and the future has a huge impact on how we approach change and the risks and opportunities that come with it. 

'Your thoughts become words.
Your words become actions.
Your actions become habits.
Your habits become character.
Your character shapes your destiny.' -- Unknown

Destiny is often perceived to be a predetermined course of action of any individual life. It can be defined as, an inevitable or necessary fate; one's lot or a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control. I don't agree with this view because as we can see from the quote above, we become what we think. In our mind is where the battleground is, where we come face to face with our conscience, rationalise our fears, wrestle with the concept of change and the risk attached, struggle with walking into the unknown... It is in our minds  where our lives are changed and destinies shaped. We have control over our choices and decisions and these are fashioned by our thoughts, which once spoken become the catalysts that bring forth actions that change the course of our lives. A process that takes place daily in all of our lives and for the most part goes unnoticed as the changes are often small or negligible.

It is not until we venture beyond our understanding, past experience and preconceptions that we enter the arena of living out loud, where children operate. This is the place, beyond our fears and  caution, beyond our background and failures, beyond the need for guarantees and far beyond our comfort zone. In this space we gain the power to shape our lives and destinies rather than follow what is considered to be the natural course of our lives that bring us to a predictable end. Mankind was designed and created for the adventure that we call life. We were placed as the masters, not only of the world but of our own destinies. We have the ability to re-invent ourselves, re-direct the course of our lives, cause change to take place, make things happen and if we so wish, overcome all our inhibitions and allow ourselves to think, feel and exist outside of the box of mediocrity.

Adulthood should give us the freedom to express ourselves and be the best version of ourselves we can be. Unfortunately the reverse is more often the common place result of 'maturity'. We become driven to fit in, to achieve, to gain status and seek more and more the approval of others. We view ourselves and self-worth based on what we have attained and achieved thus far. Thereby negating all that we have sacrificed for conformities sake and all that we are yet to and are able achieve in the future if we were to break free of the conformist mindset. Our destiny therefore is not something we have no control of, something we have no choice but to go along for the ride with...Destiny is what we will ourselves to and perceive we are able to achieve and having the courage to willing to sacrifice in order to grasp... seize firmly with heart mind and soul...and attain it....Destiny is fashioned of this.

"Courage is the discovery that you may not win, 

and trying when you know you can lose.” -- T. Krause

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