Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A labour of love

The purpose of the Lose Urself 4 Charity challenge I embarked on 32 days ago is to support a charity called Tekva Trust that help people in developing economies to establish a basis for their own food security. This could be in the form of improved farming techniques and crop rotation, more indigenous business projects that can generate income for the local people and / or communal projects that support the whole community. On my Lose Urself 4 Charity blog you will read just over a month's worth of diet diary reports from me. In them you will see that not only do I never go hungry but I have access to a variety of nutritious foods that are helping improve my health. Just one of the villagers is Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia or South America would be grateful just to have clean running water an one meal, any meal each day...

How then can we possibly ignore the plight of these people whilst we live lifestyles of luxury and plenty? How can we claim to have any human decency or Christian charity yet stand idly by and do nothing to stop this haemorrhaging of human life. Let us join together and make a stand against this moral wrong, and do what we can towards giving hope to this group of people and ensure they can access their Human Right to LIFE...

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