Saturday, 24 July 2010


It is FINISHED. - A poem and image by Rudo Nyangulu
With these three words it all began;
A stolen glance across the dark concourse as lighting strikes;
Hearts beats thunderously as attraction begins to electrify;
He cowers for cover as she begins to move, each step causing a quake under his feet,
Her scent pours into his nostrils as she surges past, lighting strikes twice,
The power cuts, short circuiting his brain as he follows her aroma;
A tornado erupts, passion floods the room as he yields,
Washing away every memory of his vows; love, honor, obey, respect, faithfulness…

With these three words it all began;
Shock and awe attacks like never before;
Amassing intensity of turbulent tension as the silence screamed at them,
Explosion after explosion, destruction resulted as he walked out the door;
The death blow came with the dawn raid of his return;
The wretchedness of the aftermath of battle met the children in the morning;
Untold carnage as ‘love, honor and obey’ lay in a tattered heap on the floor;
Almost lifeless with only a weak pulse to distinguish them from the corpse of respect and faithfulness;
As she exhaled, the war was finally over, he was gone, they were no more.

With these three words it all began;
Bulldozers moved to and fro flattening all that once was known;
Crain’s swing from high above threatening to land a blow at any moment,
Taunts rising as the dust of a collapsed structure billowing before them,
As they detonate in him an earthquake like tremor of epileptic proportions;
A broken home, a broken heart, a wounded soul,
No hope left to grasp as the last bag is placed in the moving van,
No home to return to, no family to mention,
A father missing in action, a mother in desolation…

With these three words it all began;
With a victory cry and a resolve like no other He stormed hell,
Brighter than the sun He blinded all who beheld as He scoped His prize,
The din rose up to heaven as He claimed His prize,
The keys of hell were finally in his grasp,
He charged to the earth a victory to claim his spoils,
As He was witnessed by the masses He proclaimed a new day!
Victory over sin and death was finally within grasp,
For those who would forsake all, pick up their cross and follow Him into glory!
On the cross He proclaimed, ‘It is finished!”
…When then do we allow the devil to kill, to steal and to destroy?

Copyright (c) Rudo Nyangulu 2010. All rights reserved.

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